{Party Planning} My Big Bro is 40!

I don’t know what it is about this year, but it’s been a year of surprise parties!

We had two in January for my dad and my FIL (Father-in-Law), and another one for my cousin in February.  A couple of friends who were celebrating milestone birthdays this year were surprised by their spouses too :)!

And it’s cool that most, if not all of these parties were successfully planned.  Meaning, none of the celebrants had a clue!  They were truly and utterly surprised by the event and all the well-wishers who were in attendance :).  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? 🙂

Recently, my brother turned 40.  And yup, you guessed it–the SIL threw him a surprise birthday party.  Hahaha!

To pull it off, she enlisted my mom and my sister to help her with the party details and the menu, and ofcourse, I was given the task of styling the event.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to get cracking at it!

Because the birthday boy is a lover of all things Karmann Ghia, we decided to turn it into his party theme.

Since I don’t know much about vintage cars, I had to do quite a bit of research.

Eventually, I came up with a concept for his dessert table, which was, ofcourse, going to be the focal point in the party.

I decided to make a collage of different blown up parts of a Karmann Ghia–the emblem, the steering wheel, the dashboard, etc. etc., and mix in some old advertisement posters.  I printed out the pictures in sepia, to keep the vintage feel.  But to add a pop of color, I also printed out a few pictures in light blue and red.  This is how the collage looked:

Whoops!  Please don’t mind the gaping hole amongst the pictures.  One of them must have fallen off when this photograph was taken :(.  Hahaha!

Unfortunately, the venue would not let me use one of their blank walls to hang the pictures so I had to make do with this window.  Definitely, it was a lesson to be learned to check whether the events place has any restrictions regarding party decor.

Moving on, here is a picture of the entire table (sans some of the desserts! :0) :

And here are some Karmann Ghia details:

The birthday cake was, ofcourse, Karmann Ghia-inspired :).

Last minute, I also made a road out of black cardboard and white strips of paper, then asked my SIL to bring along some of my brother’s matchbox Karmann Ghia.  Cute, right? 🙂

To add a more festive flair and to finish off the table design, I added some buntings with the celebrants name, and balloons.  You can never be too old for balloons–don’t you agree? 😉

As for the rest of the venue, it was decorated very simply.

Blue, white and brown balloons were tied to chairs, and centerpieces consisted of white flowers and sepia photographs of my brother during his younger years.

I also tried to add a Karmann Ghia detail by printing out these red Karmann table numbers.  I don’t think they really matched the centerpiece, but oh well… 🙂  Hahaha!

All in all, considering the tight budget I was working with, I think the decor for brother’s big day turned out better than expected :).

If anything, the celebrant was extremely happy with what he saw, and he even took home all the pictures I had printed!

SIL also gave me the nicest feedback–I had totally surpassed her expectations! Yahoo!

Hmmm…I may have a future in event styling after all! 🙂


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