Photos For a Cause

I’m taking a break from my travel posts to blog about something that is way overdue.

Last September 29th, the H, A and I had our family pictures taken as part of a fundraiser for Issay Tanabe.  She is a professional photographer who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Daphne wrote about it in her blog, which was how we found out about the event in the first place.

Issay’s loving and devoted husband Doods, with the help of some very big-hearted friends (and some of Daphne’s sponsors :)), set up the benefit at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in McKinley Hill.  I heard that everything from the food to the venue was given for free!  Such generosity and support for a wonderful cause!

When we got to the Jade Pavilion, we found a festive set up of pink!  Pink is the color for breast cancer advocacy, so it was very appropriate for the affair :). There was a hair and make-up station as well (free!), and even an art station (free!) to keep kids pre-occupied!  But because we were one of the earliest ones there, we had our pictures taken immediately.

We were informed that we could choose 2 stations out of the 5 that were set up. Unfortunately, it was drizzling when we arrived so the outdoor station (the nicest one) was out of the question :(.

Here are some of the outtakes from our session:

I can’t wait to get the actual pictures!

About two weeks ago, I received an email from Doods Tanabe that editing was well under way, and that they would be sending our 11 x 14 photo, and a CD of the rest of our photos soon.  Exciting!

In the meantime, Doods has also updated us that both he and Issay continue to be busy flying to Hong Kong for treatments.  Their devotion to each other, and the courage and strength in which they are facing this situation is truly inspiring!

Am continuing to keep them both in my prayers.

Should you be interested in helping Issay with her treatments, or would like your family photographs taken by Doods as well, you may reach him at 0922 896 8201.


2 responses to “Photos For a Cause

  1. Hi Mia! We did this too 🙂 Arie’s growing up to be a charming little one 🙂

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