Back to Regular Programming

My vacay is over.

I arrived in Manila last night, about an hour ahead of schedule.

While I enjoyed my three-week sojourn in Europe (I’ll be sharing blog posts soon! :)), I can’t tell you how ECSTATIC I am to be home!

Today I woke up (very early!) to a knock on the door from my little one, and the tightest bear hug. *Sigh*.  I missed her sooooo much!

Then it was about her United Nations Day program, and an end-of-semester school party.

The afternoon was spent catching up on precious sleep, and getting much needed rest.

Then it was a flurry of unpacking, organizing, and putting the suitcases away.

The best part of my day, though, was telling silly stories and sharing precious bonding (laughing) time with A.

Oh and we watched the sun set together, too.  We even closed our eyes and counted how many seconds it would take for the sun to disappear (it took 20 :p).

It’s back to the real world, and I’m loving EVERY minute of it :).

Hope you have an amazing weekend, folks!


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