The Weekend That Was

It was a lovely, relaxing, albeit fast weekend.

My PIL (Parents-In-Law) treated us to an overnighter at Anvaya Cove.

It was soooo nice to get away from the city.  No fail, the scenic views on SCTex did its job of taking my breath away, and mesmerizing me.

I was once again reminded of how beautiful our country is and how the H and I should really make more of an effort to explore…

To get to Anvaya, we had to pass through Subic.  It was nice to see this familiar sight on the road.

Hahaha!  Some things never change :).

There were also a lot of curvy, twisty roads we had to maneuver but I was loving the forest-y and nature-y vibe.

Anvaya at last!

Isn’t it purdy? 🙂

The warm blue water of the swimming pool was so inviting.  And the lush landscaping made for a peaceful, relaxing environment.

The beachfront also looked really quiet, the waters still.  Too bad we ended up not having time to take a dip :(.

This was where most of my time was spent–the spa!

Two hours of pampering was just what I needed to start off the weekend on the right foot :).

Speaking of feet, I just love this basin of water and the native scooper used for feet cleaning.  So much more visually interesting than the usual faucet or shower head. 🙂  The yellow flower is a nice touch, as well :).

These are what some of the casitas look like.  We were at the bottom floor of a two-storey structure.  It was nice because all our rooms were adjoining, and we also had our own verandah.

This is our huge, comfy, king-sized bed.

Sorry, I forgot to actually take a picture of our room!  Hahaha!

Anyway, I am ending this post with some pictures of the little miss and her cousins.

They obviously had a blast!

Hopefully, this will be one place we will be visiting more often :).


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