My Journey to Thin + Happy Weekend

Weight loss.  Argh.  Why does it have to be so difficult?

Why couldn’t I have just been born naturally thin?


Despite my efforts to moderate my food intake and to supplement my diet with fiber, I guess I was missing one of the most important components of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle–exercise!  Duuuuh!

Yup.  There’s no going around it anymore.  As much as I hate it, I. MUST. GET. OFF. MY. BUTT!

So I’ve enrolled myself in barre3 class three times a week with my cousin-slash-exercise buddy B, and I’ve also started playing badminton again with the H, with my big bro, and the SIL.  That makes 4 days of exercise in a week!!!  Not too shabby for an exercise averse person like me :p.  Hahaha!

Wish me luck, that I can keep this up!  It’s a huge commitment on my part, but I’m determined to lose the poundage.  Hahaha!

And speaking of determined, it has helped me a lot to visualize my weight loss goal.  I came across this picture of myself yesterday and while it kinda made me feel wistful of how young and “thin” I used to look, it has also firmed my resolve to look that way again!

My colleague K calls this picture my “thinspiration”.  Hahaha!

Have a happy, healthy weekend, folks!!! 🙂


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