I am Loving…

…these Limited Edition product packaging designs!

I am in love with these Campbell Soup cans– they’re an ode to the famous artist, Andy Warhol.  One of his most iconic artworks is actually on the Campbell Soup can!  I guess you can say their relationship has come full circle 🙂

And Absolut Vodka just keeps on pushing the envelope when it comes to churning out unique, cutting edge designs!  With this new line, Absolut Unique, the company promises that none of the 4 million bottles that will be produced will be the same.  Holy Kamoley!  It kinda takes this whole idea of limited edition to a whole different ball game :).

These Kiehl’s labels are not only colorful and quirky—a stark contrast to the company’s usually clean, minimalist and slightly apothecaryesque look—but there’s also an added bespoke quality to it.  The intent behind the word bubble is for the person buying it to fill in a personal message for the recipient, before the label is attached to the product.  Kinda cool, huh?

And lastly, I am so in love with Orla Kiely AND method and to find out that these 2 brands have joined forces to come up with a limited edition line available in Target—man, be still my heart!  One word to describe it: LOVE.

*Sigh* Aren’t these packaging designs all so beeeeyooooteeefulllll?  The products have become works of art themselves!  How’s that for a dose of middle of the work week inspiration? 🙂

Images via thedieline.com and methodhome.com


One response to “I am Loving…

  1. Yes, they’re really gorgeous! 🙂

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