A’s Vacay in HK

This is another delayed post :(.  So many things to blog about, so little time! Hahaha!

August was a month of holidays–first the 4-day weekend that I just wrote about in my previous post, then followed by a 3-day one.  While we opted for a staycation the first time around and did things around the metro, the last 3-day holiday we spent in Hong Kong with the little miss.  It was her first international trip!  The H and I figured it was about time to expose her to foreign shores.  That HK is just an hour and a half away made it a no-brainer choice for us!

Thankfully, A is a pretty good traveller–at least for the most part.  While she usually hates feeling restricted and has a tendency to get antsy, new things tend to intrigue and captivate her–enough to keep her distracted from tearing her seatbelt off!  Hahaha!  And when the novelty of her environment has worn off, the iPad helps to keep her busy.  I know, I know.  It sounds like really bad parenting, but honestly, it’s been a lifesaver on many occasions such as this one.

I love that this trip was a great opportunity to expose A to new things and new experiences :).  As someone who has travelled all her life, I can see how instrumental it was in shaping the way I think and act, how it has influenced my tastes, and how it has made me a more confident, self-assured person.  I truly wish the same for my A so the H and I agreed early on that we would take every opportunity we had to go on trips with her, and to teach her the “ways of the world.”

So since this was a pretty momentous trip for our family, we decided to make it even more memorable by including a visit to the “happiest place on Earth”–Disneyland!

While I honestly did not think it would be an age-appropriate experience for A just yet, because she loves watching Disney Junior and loves the story of Snow White, I relented.

True enough, she wasn’t very interested in the rides, and the lines were too long to wait for.  However, she really enjoyed watching the Flights of Fancy parade, browsing the merchandise at the Disney Store, and when she saw Minnie Mouse, her favorite character, her expression was priceless!  She was like an awestruck groupie!  Hahaha!  I think that’s what made the heat, and the trip to Disneyland more than worth it :).  To see the look of happiness on A’s face made everything worth while! 🙂

Looking through these pictures, I’m a bit wistful that our time in HK was too short.  All of a sudden, after Disneyland, our vacation just zoomed past us!  I didn’t even really have time to shop!  Hahaha!  Maybe it’s the H’s answered prayer? 🙂  Hahaha!  But like I said, the entire trip was definitely a memorable and fun experience.  Haaaaay, how I would love to do this more often!

Next up?  Probably Singapore and the Night Safari–the little miss looooves animals.  It will definitely be something to look forward to :).


2 responses to “A’s Vacay in HK

  1. wow Mia the look of happiness on her face is indeed, priceless. and while she was cute and adorable when she was younger, i must say she is now crossed over and can be defined as beautiful. she’s going to grow up to be quite a heartthrob, methinks. i love her smiles! ang sarap i-frame tas titigan lang all day!

  2. AT she even knows how to do a closed-lipped smile ha. 🙂 haha

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