Fun Farm

During the previous 4-day weekend in August, a bunch of my friends and I planned a trip to the Fun Farm with our families.

Fun Farm is located at Sta. Elena Estates off the Cabuyao, Laguna exit on SLEX.  Despite it being less than an hour away from where I live, being in Sta. Elena feels like you’re totally far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It is quiet, green and serene.

Aside from residential areas, a golf course, an organic farm and guest amenities, Sta. Elena is also home to the Fun Farm.  If, as a parent, you are looking for a different, educational, hands-on and fun experience for your child in an environment that is other than a mall, then this is a great place to go :).

Here you will find a variety of animals such as chickens, roosters, horses, carabaos, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs and ducks.  Your children will be able to experience feeding them, petting them, and even riding them!

The little miss had her first horse ride in the Fun Farm :).  I was surprised that she quite excitedly got on the horse’s back, and actually stayed there for a while before deciding to get off.

She also loooooooved feeding the rabbits, and giggled at how they would quickly nibble the carrots she held out to them.  Gosh, my A is really brave!  First, the horse, and then the rabbits!  If that was me, I don’t think I’d be as fearless as her!  Hahaha!  I was actually cringing inside the rabbit pen, but tried my best not to show it :(.  And I don’t think I’ve ever ridden on a horse either :(.

A was also fascinated by both the guinea pigs and the pot-bellied pigs.  🙂  To this day, she always asks to look at the two pictures below in my iPhoto album.  I’m wondering why they made such a lasting impression?  Hmmm…

Other than the animals, Fun Farm also has a fishing area, a boating area, a covered playground/sandbox, and a pavilion that is perfect for picnics!

On this day in particular, though, we unfortunately had to seek refuge in the pavilion for most of the afternoon because the weather was quite uncooperative. 😦  Definitely, it would be a good idea to check the forecast before heading out to the Fun Farm.

The rain came down pretty hard during the time we were there so we didn’t even have a chance to go on the carabao ride :(.  We also wanted to go on a boat ride with A, but again the rains did not permit us to :(.

So instead, we decided to have our birthday celebrants blow out the candles on their cake from Tita C. Including A, two of the other kids in our group were also celebrating August birthdays.  Here they are in action!

Despite our issues with the weather, we all had a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.  It was a wonderful way to bond with friends, while spending precious quality time with our kids as well.

Seeing the look on A’s face as she saw and interacted with the animals was priceless!  Aside from the fact that she’s never really around animals that often,  I think she also enjoyed being able to run around in the vast area with other kids.  Being a “city girl”, she is cooped up a lot of times, and as a parent I am often wistful that she doesn’t have the luxury of open spaces.

Personally, I also thought it was nice to be in a very green, natural and peaceful environment.  The downside to living in a concrete jungle is that there is a lack of trees, grass, shady areas and fresh air.  Sta. Elena provides the perfect refuge from the city–a place for families and friends to get together, in a lush, verdant backdrop.  Haaaay!  It would be such a dream to live in a place like this!

But since I’m also not quite ready to give up city living yet, occasional trips such as these to the Fun Farm are just the thing me and my family need to rest and recharge from our busy schedules and fast paced lives.

Hooray for the Fun Farm!


2 responses to “Fun Farm

  1. hi ms.mia

    my name is thea, mom of a 4-yr old. last week my kid’s school had its family day at the fun farm, too. i was so busy i didnt get to take much pictures. i came across this blog about the farm and i was wondering if i could get some photos from here cause im making an album to share with other mommies. just the truck and the piggies. i promise to credit you. i hope it’s okay.

    thank you!

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