Date Night Diaries { Tea Lounge }

Ok guys, there’s another new place in town, and I think it’s going to be big!  Move over Starbucks and make way for, Tea Lounge! is pronounced da-you-deh.  It refers to the markings on the frontal part of the bahag, a loincloth worn by tribesfolk from the Cordilleras.  Pretty unique name, right?  And let me tell you, like its name, there is definitely nothing typical about this place! is actually the first and only tea lounge of its kind in Manila–practically everything from the food to the dessert is infused with tea!

To be honest, I was a bit misled by the term tea lounge.  I thought this place only served tea.  Being a hard-core coffee drinker, I didn’t think that this place was for me.  But the lure of a beautifully designed, chic restaurant was too hard to ignore, plus it is conveniently located across the street from where I live, so the H and I decided to give it a try.  And we are so glad we did!

First of all, they serve pretty yummy dishes!  I’ve tried the chicken pho–super sarap especially on a wet, rainy night like the ones we’ve been having lately. The broth is tea-based and very flavorful!  And at Php240 for a large bowl, it’s filling and definitely value for money!

Next time I’m there, I’d love to try the crisp pork banh mi, and the mushroom and mascarpone pasta.  Many a blogger have raved about it, so those dishes are definitely next on my list!

I’ve also tried some of the desserts–the tea and chocolate bread pudding, as well as their brownie ala mode!  Both desserts are worth the extra pounds and inches on my waistline, let me tell you.  Hahaha!  But I especially loved the soft yet crunchy bread pudding. Mmmm…!

Interestingly, because the concept of the restaurant is very influenced by the New York dining scene, also has its own “secret menu” that changes frequently.  Just ask the waitstaff for the secret food items not on the menu, and impress your company by being “in-the-know”!  *Wink, wink*  That’s an insider tip from’s owner herself!

For the teas, I’ve tried the 2nd flush green tea, and another one that I forgot but remember that it tasted like raspberry.  Hahaha!  Both were very good, but surprisingly, I liked the raspberry one more!  It was served in this clear, really sleek-looking, chic tea pot, that dispenses the tea as it sits on top of the tea cup. Pretty cool, huh?  The hubby was quite impressed, and is thinking of getting one for our home.  Hahaha!  And to think we’re not really tea drinkers!

Actually, there are over 50 different types of teas and tea blends that you can try at  Yup, the owner, Renee Sebastian, is very serious about her tea!  She is the only certified tea master in the Philippines so you can be assured that she really knows her stuff!

But if you feel a bit overwhelmed with the long list of choices, then you can also walk over to their sniff jars and get a good whiff of the dried tea leaves.  They’re very fragrant, and give you a pretty a good idea of the taste that’s to come!  I just love this little detail!  Such a cool idea!

Speaking of cool details,  I am quite in love with the chevron patterns found throughout the lounge as well.

I also love the print on their upholstery!  Very sophisticated!

It’s these little details that show how much thought and care have gone into the planning and execution of this tea lounge.  Definitely, the result speaks for itself :).

So have I convinced you to give a try? 🙂  I sure hope so :).  Trust me, word is going around and it won’t be long before this place starts getting filled to the rafters!  And with good reason too–there’s a little bit of everything for everyone! Food, desserts, drinks–they even have “coffee-esque” versions for those looking for their java fix.  Feel like a cocktail?  They have spiked tea drinks as well!

So if you haven’t made any dining plans for this weekend, it’s time to head on over to at BGC.  Trust me, once you try it, you’ll keep coming back for more!


2 responses to “Date Night Diaries { Tea Lounge }

  1. Nice place! Where’s this located Mia?

    • It’s across the street from my apartment at the Net Lima building (right across Mini Cooper showroom and Fort Strip area). You should try it!

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