Cirque Sunday

The circus was in town again!

Last Sunday, the H and I caught the last performance of Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s longest-running touring show.  This is the second time a Cirque show has hit Manila shores, and like its predecessor Varekai, Saltimbanco left me mesmerized, enthralled, and totally entertained!

It was held at the SM Arena.  I kinda wished they did the whole big top thing again like they did the last time because then it would have truly felt like a real circus to me.

And unfortunately, the arena was so big, it didn’t quite fill up…

Venue aside, I have to admit that Saltimbanco is one of my favorite Cirque performances!  I liked that the acts had a little bit of everything you can find in a regular circus, but with ten times the thrill and awe—acrobats, trapeze artists, strongmen (on steroids!  Hahaha!), contortionists, etc.  As is usual with Cirque shows, the characters performed hair-raising feats that displayed such remarkable flexibility and athleticism!  Many times I caught myself catching my breath as the performers would contort their bodies into the most unbelievable positions, or as they would execute acrobatic stunts at the most dizzying heights! Grabe talaga!  Uh-mazing!!!

I loved the costumes too!  So colorful, vibrant and happy!

It was truly a wonderful way to cap off our Sunday!  Definitely, I don’t think I’ll ever grow too old for the circus :).


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