The Brunch Files: Wildflour

The restaurant scene in my neighborhood has just gotten mighty interesting with the opening of 3 brand new places to dine!  One of them in particular, Wildflour Cafe and Bakery, has been causing so much buzz in the foodie blogosphere, so it was definitely the first one the H and I opted to try.  Luckily, it’s practically across the street from where we live, so we took advantage of the proximity and walked in for breakfast during the weekend.

Walking into Wildflour, I felt like I was walking into one of my favorite brunch places in New York.  Particularly, I remembered Schillers and The Smith over on the Lower East Side.  Wildflour has a very similar vibe, but still holds its own unique character.  I loved the wooden tables, and the white brick walls.  I particularly liked the painted designs and “menu” on the wall too—very bistro lang ang dating :).  Hahaha!

The focal point of the room was the frames of cartoony artwork displayed at the back of the restaurant.  I like that it added a bit of quirkiness to the restaurant, and color too.  The H didn’t like it, though.  According to him it was “not bagay”.  Hahaha!  I was telling him that because it’s so unexpected, it gives the restaurant more character.  He wasn’t buying it.  Hahahaha!

On to the food:

I am a huge brunch fan and one of my usual orders for brunch fare is the Croque Madame.  I’ve tried only one other restaurant in the Philippines that serves this type of sandwich, and unfortunately, it was not something to rave about.  Based on my readings, Wildflour serves a mean version of their Croque Madame so I was very excited to try it out.

For his breakfast, the H opted for the Wildflour Plate.  Mistakenly, we thought they were serving Steak Frites at that time, but were informed that they would only begin serving it at 11am (we were there at around 9.  Bummer!).  So the H had no choice but to order the Wildflour Plate since the other breakfast items were mostly served with bread (he has this quirk of not eating bread :o), and he wasn’t in the mood for pancakes either.

This is how my Croque Madame looked like when the plate was laid in front of me.  Can you see the sauce dripping over the sandwich?  I liked how pretty that egg looked as well, sprinkled with some spring onion.  Lovely presentation :).  It really made my mouth water, and my stomach growl–I kid you not!  And let me tell you, it tasted even better than it looked!  The bread was freshly baked, soft and creamy.  It went very well with the thinly sliced ham, béchamel sauce and fried egg on top.  Indeed, I relished every bite with matching oohs and ahhhs :).  Craving satisfied!

The hubby was not as satisfied, though, with his food.  For Php495, he did not feel his serving of potato crisps, eggs and two slices of sausage were worth it.  He also thought his double shot of espresso was a bit watered down.  Poor hubby. He is extremely particular about his food pa naman.

On the bright side, he is looking forward to trying out their dinner menu offerings, and giving Wildflour a chance to redeem itself.  Hahaha!

The verdict?

As with the ambience and design of the restaurant, the H and I have mixed reviews of our initial visit to Wildflour.  While I loved my eating experience, the H would like to sample the other dishes first before giving it his definite thumbs up.

Thankfully, Wildflour is practically a stone’s throw away from where we live, so I can totally see ourselves becoming regulars in this neighborhood café and bakery :).


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