I am Loving…

…Bottega Veneta totes!

There are 2 types of bags on my lust list–the ones I want to buy, and the ones I can only dream of buying.  Hahaha!  Hey, dreams are free so why not, right? 😉

One of the brands that has eluded me thus far (and has remained a dream for now) is Bottega Veneta.  I’ve been eyeing an Intrecciato Nappa tote for a while, but because of the steep price point, I’ve opted for other more affordable bags on my list.

This morning, however, I received some “bad” news on my FB news feed (read: credit card beware! Hahaha!) .  Just recently, Bottega Veneta launched two new bag lines and not only are they beautiful, but they are certainly very affordable!  This news just made my European trip in October mighty interesting!  Hahaha!

Named Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion, the two lines belong to Bottega Veneta’s 2012 Fall Collection.

The Intrecciolusion line features items made of twill that undergo an artisanal process that prints the signature intrecciato pattern onto the bag.  On the other hand, the Intrecciomirage features thin Nappa leather, embossed with the same intrecciato design.

In keeping with Bottega Veneta’s style aesthetic, the bags are breathtakingly simple and streamlined.  I love the pop of colors in their fall collection, too, and wouldn’t mind taking home a tote in Canyon or Teal :).

Even this gold one looks really pretty…


Too many bags, too little moolah!  Hahaha!

One thing’s for sure though–a girl can never have too many totes, right? :p  I am obviously already justifying this future purchase!  Hahaha!

Photos via bottegaveneta.com


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