Fabulous Find // The Breakfast Store

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but in my book, it is one of my favorite meals of the day!  Nothing gets me started in the morning like a good serving of tapsilog (or any “silog” for that matter!) and a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee.  On a “feeling healthy” day, a broccoli and cheese omelette or even a bowl of oatmeal will do the trick :).  A happy tummy equals a happy me!

So you can imagine my interest was piqued when I passed by The Breakfast Store on Katipunan Road.  Located right across Blue Ridge Subdivision, not only did it catch my attention because of its pretty blue facade, but its name had me fantasizing of all things breakfast, and the wonderful goodies I would find.

Last Sunday, on our way home from the parentals, the H and I finally had the time to make a pit stop at The Breakfast Store.  Here is what we saw:

Don’t you just love their welcome signage?  The bright blue is such a happy, electrifying color, yet at the same time cool to the eyes.  I love how this frame was re-purposed too!

Some of the merchandise in the store included some locally made pottery (by renowned Filipino ceramic artist Lanelle Abueva-Fernando no less!) and market bags from a livelihood project that supports underprivileged communities.  I like how this store has a social conscience because it not only promotes local food items and wares, but it also encourages environmentalism and support of worthwhile initiatives.

On a side note, I’ve also heard that for every branded item bought in the store, a certain percentage of the purchase will go to fund the Ateneo Blue Plate Program, a feeding program for public school kids in Metro Manila.  What a wonderful cause to support, right?

Doesn’t this little nook look so cheery and inviting?  It made me want to sit down and order something to eat!  Haha!  I think it was such a clever way of putting sale items on display, and informing customers of the store’s specials.  It definitely made me stop and take notice!  Speaking of which, I definitely noticed the pretty colors of these abel iloko placemats and table runners!  My husband literally had to distract me so that I wouldn’t end up buying all the contents of this basket!  Hahaha!

And finally, on to the real reason we dropped by–the food!  The Breakfast Store has an interesting selection of various breakfast items from cheeses, to juices, from coffee, tea or tsokolate, to meats such as longganisa, tapa and tocino–all sourced from different provinces in the Philippines!  Our finds for the day?  Skinless longganisa from Tuguegarao, and some Vigan longganisa as well!

When I saw these Tsokolate de Cagayan balls, I could not resist buying a couple to try.  I just loooooove tsokolate eh and sampling different versions of this Filipino treat.  So a couple of these bad boys found their way into our shopping bag as well :).  Hahaha!

I can already tell that tomorrow’s breakfast is going to be a real treat!  I’m so excited!  Thank goodness for gems such as The Breakfast Store!  It is truly a fabulous find! 🙂




6 responses to “Fabulous Find // The Breakfast Store

  1. Oooh, am so happy someone finally blogged about this place. I keep seeing it too on my way to work and have always been curious about it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When did The Breakfast Store begin operations? Never noticed it until today, on Facebook. 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing this information… i’m curious about this place if the foods are great… thanks again…

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