Date Night Diaries { Atelier 317 }

Our latest date night came courtesy of a coupon I bought on Deal Grocer.  It was dinner for two at Stephanie Zubiri’s private dining restaurant in Palm Village.

I just love the concept of private dining :).  I love the mysteriousness of it, and the exclusivity as well.  Not that I’m a snob or anything like that, I guess I just like hidden, tucked away places, that are not as accessible to everyone as those you would find in the mall.  The experience of private dining also promises to be more unique and personalized, and I’m truly a sucker for that :).

Of all nights we chose to redeem our coupon, it was one that was rainy and extremely traffic :(!  We were quite late and hungry upon our arrival at Atelier 317, but that did not dampen the excitement I was feeling one bit.  I was definitely looking forward to what promised to be a lovely and yummy evening :).

When the H and I entered Atelier 317, I was quite surprised at how small the dining space was!  It can probably fit about 15 people, tops!  However, what it lacked in size was more than made up for by the cozy, feel-at-home atmosphere.  Unpretentious, yet filled with lots of personality, the decor was a mishmash of flea market finds, and items that apparently had some sentimental value to the chef.

On a side note, I must say, this was the second time I redeemed a Deal Grocer coupon, and like my first experience, it was easy as pie!  I simply handed over a printed out copy of my voucher to the head waiter, and we were immediately ushered to a table for two, and served our meal within a couple of minutes!  Very fuss free–I love it! 🙂

On to the food…

For starters, we were served a trio of appetizers: spiced pumpkin soup, gourmet cheese pimiento tartine, and flamed kesong puti caprese salad.

You know how they say it’s important to make a good first impression?  Well, this plate definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Not only was the food nicely presented, it tasted even better than it looked!  The cheese pimiento and the caprese salad were my favorites though–the tomatoes were juicy and fresh, the pimiento tangy, cheesy and yummy!

For our mains, the H and I were also given a sampler of all of Atelier 317’s bestsellers.  We had their famous truffle mushroom lasagna, balsamic adobo, and crispy chicken bicol express with red rice on the side.

In a word, I would have to say the food was sublime!  I loooooved it all!  The truffle mushroom lasagna was so yummy, the adobo tender and extremely flavorful, while the chicken had the crispiest skin and a sauce that was both rich yet tasty–perfect when eaten with the rice!  Considering the symphony of flavors that was on this plate, I was surprised that they all seemed to fit and to complement each other.  It goes without saying, my tummy was more than satisfied :)!

Despite the fact that we were served samplers, I thought that the serving size was just right–enough to give us a taste of what Atelier 317 had to offer.  Usually, when the H and I are on dinner date nights, we lament the fact that we are unable to try a lot of dishes on the menu because it is just impossible for us to eat everything!  Samplers are a great way to try a variety of dishes in more manageable portions :).

For dessert, again, we were served a trio of Atelier 317’s unique specialties.  We had the green tea mousse, the chocolate truffle ice cream, and the pumpkin and ginger cake.  Being the sweet tooth that I am, I truly enjoyed every bite of these decadent treats.  What a way to end the evening–definitely on a high note!

The verdict?

I think you can tell by now that date night was a smashing success!  From the ambience to the service to the food, Atelier 317 provided us a wonderful, enjoyable, special experience!  Considering the gloom brought about by the rains, and the stress of traffic and a busy work week, Atelier 317 was just the pick-me-up the H and I needed :).


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