There are so many good restaurants to try in Manila, it’s insane!  Almost every week, my list of must-try’s gets longer and longer.  Unfortunately, the H and I have also been getting busier and busier… 😦  Haaaaay, such is life!

Which is why weekends are truly treasured and taken full advantage of by filling them to the brim with new or different experiences.

Last Saturday, as we were in the neighborhood running errands, we decided to try Mangetsu on Jupiter Street.  I’ve been reading about it in several blogs, and have had several recommendations from friends to try it, so we finally found the perfect opportunity to drop by :).

I love Japanese food–only second to Filipino though ofcourse :)!  Hahaha!  Give me a fresh plate of salmon sashimi, a bowl of steaming ramen, or a serving of really good shrimp tempura, and I’m a happy camper!  I’ve heard, however, that Mangetsu serves really good uni tempura, and because I looooooove uni, it was a no-brainer that I would have this for my main course :).

On to the food…

For starters, the H and I shared a spicy tuna roll :).  Yup, it was quite…spicy. Hahaha!  I ended up having to order a glass of iced tea to wash it down, and neutralize the heat a little :(.  Spiciness aside, I like that the tuna tasted very fresh, and that Mangetsu did not seem to scrimp on their ingredients :).

As I had mentioned, I chose to have the uni tempura for my main, while the H went with the shoyu ramen.  The little one had a chicken meatball and leek soup, and some steamed broccolli.  She’s been especially picky with her food lately so I was crossing my fingers and praying that she’d like the soup.  Broccolli is her favorite vegetable, so I was pretty sure that she would eat that :).

I am happy to say that I was really quite satisfied with my meal :).  In fact, I loooooved it!  The serving was just right, the uni was very fresh, creamy and sweet–just the way I like it!  While I usually have a tendency to get “umay” eating too much uni, I thought that the nori and the tempura batter helped to neutralize the taste.

Speaking of batter, I liked that it was nice and crunchy (not soggy), and there was just a thin layer of it that covered the seaweed and uni.  There are too many Japanese restaurants that serve tempura with such thick batter, that sometimes it tastes like that’s all your eating.  I love that the tempura in Mangetsu is cooked just right :).

While I didn’t get to try the H’s ramen, he said that he also enjoyed his meal :).  I guess I’ll have to take his word for it, although his empty bowl provided undeniable proof as well :).

The verdict?

I would definitely recommend that you all try Mangetsu–especially if you find yourself in the neighborhood :).  The fact that the sushi chef and the owner are both Japanese, and that there were many Japanese patrons at the time of our visit was a good sign!  Also, aside from using fresh ingredients and serving decent size portions, the food is definitely authentic  and yummy Japanese!  I can’t wait to go back for another serving of that uni!  Yumyumyum!


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