My Ms. World Experience

In my entire life, I never would have imagined that I would one day be on stage, presenting an award at the Ms. World pageant.  And last Sunday, that is precisely what I did!

In front of hundreds of people, I handed over a sash, a bouquet, and a check to Candidate Number 17 aka Ms. OraCare Confidently Cool :).

While I’m not one to enjoy being in the spotlight, I must say that having my 15 minutes of fame on stage was actually pretty fun!  Ofcourse prior to my appearance I was really nervous of tripping or falling flat on my face.  But I guess I was just so fascinated by the entire experience that when it came to my part, instead of feeling fear, I was actually quite excited!  Hahaha!  And I’m pretty sure no one was paying any attention to me anyway–they were probably so busy looking at the 25 beautiful contestants!  Hahaha!  So I guess there was less pressure on me to do what I came to do :).

I still can’t quite get over how surreal that night was :).  While it’s not something that is listed on my bucket list, it’s definitely a story that I would love to tell A and the grandkids :).


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