4 Elements of a Simple (but Meaningful!) Father’s Day

I really wanted to make up for the lack of fanfare in which we celebrated Father’s Day last year so I put together a simple surprise for the H, to make his day extra special :).

Here are the elements:

1. The (Surprise) Gift

The hubby and I aren’t really big on extravagant gifts.  Simple items that are well thought of and unexpected are more our style.  The H is a huge fan of Fred Perry, and has been on the lookout for this classic color combination for a while now. Finally, they had one available at Rockwell :)!  Just my luck!  And because the H is extra particular about fit, I simply had to “borrow” one of his shirts for comparison while he was at the office!  Haha!  Naturally, the shirt fit perfectly! And even more perfect, he was totally unsuspecting of the entire covert operation!  Haha!

2. The (Handmade) Card

In my opinion, nothing says “you’re special” more than something that is handmade.  So the little miss and I decided to get crafty, and made an accordion card for Dada.  It was pretty easy and took all of 30 minutes to assemble!  While I naturally did most of the artwork, A did her part too by sticking the circle-shaped stickers.  She also “signed” her name on the card, which Dada loved!

3. The Family Dinner

Here is our little fam.  On special occasions we like to dress up in coordinating outfits.  Haha!  And this day was no exception!

A and I treated the special man in our lives to dinner at Aracama.  It is a beautiful new restaurant located where Embassy used to be at the Fort Strip.  I made sure to plan all the details so that the H wouldn’t have to lift a finger.  He basically just had to sit back and relax, enjoy the food, and ofcourse, the wonderful company! Hahaha!

4. The (Favorite) Breakfast

It’s been a while since I last cooked a meal for the H.  That was about 2 years ago, prior to the birth of A.  So I thought to myself, what better way to top off this year’s Father’s Day celebration than by cooking the H his favorite breakfast :)? He just loves the sukiyaki tapa from Blue Kitchen paired with slightly runny scrambled eggs.

So this morning I found myself in the kitchen once again, cooking up a storm! Hahaha!  It was nice to see the look on the H’s face when he saw the simple but yummy breakfast that I had prepared :).

So there you have it–a Father’s Day celebration for the H to remember :). Mission accomplished–don’t you think?  While unfortunately I’m unable to pamper the H with such special treatment on a daily basis, I hope I was able to make him feel how much A and I love him, and how we think he is the best dad in the world! 🙂


One response to “4 Elements of a Simple (but Meaningful!) Father’s Day

  1. Awww Mia. I think that is the sweetest thing ever! I hope when I get married and have a husband of my own I can treat him that lovingly also. Haha.

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