Starbucks One

There are two beans battling for importance and popularity in Seattle–the coffee bean and the cocoa bean.  Which bean reigns supreme? While in my opinion it is a pretty close call, I’d have to rule in favor of my every morning staple, the coffee bean.  After all, don’t we have Seattle to thank for giving the world such coffee brands as Seattle’s Best, and my personal favorite, Starbucks? 🙂

Yup, if you didn’t know by now, Starbucks had its humble beginnings in a small shop by the Pike Place Market.  For all you Starbucks lovers visiting Seattle, it is a MUST to drop by the place where it all began.

Surprisingly, when we got there, there wasn’t a very long line inside the store. While you can still order your cup of java from the counter, there are no more tables and chairs for customers to sit down and while the time away.  The Original Starbucks store is mostly a place to purchase souvenirs, memorabilia, and ofcourse, coffee.

I love how “Starbucks One” stays true to its original look, using its very first mermaid logo on the store signage and merchandise.  It is actually one of only two stores left in Seattle that makes use of the initial logo and colors (it used to be brown!).  So vintage! 🙂

As a fan of the Starbucks brand and experience, it was pretty exciting for me to be able to visit their very first store–yet another place of interest in the charming city of Seattle :).


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