Celebrating Mother’s Day

One of my most favorite restaurants is Antonio’s in Tagaytay.  I love everything about it!  The food, the interiors, the ambience, the garden, the service–everything is exquisite and top notch!  In my opinion, most restaurants in the Philippines don’t even come close!  Add to that the charm of its tucked away and not-so-easy-to-find location and you have a place that is truly special and unlike any other.  And it is for this reason that my little family decided to celebrate our Mother’s Day dinner there :).

It’s been a while since we’ve been up to Tagaytay and to Antonio’s.  When we arrived, though, I thought it looked almost exactly as I had remembered.  I immediately felt the rush of comfort that one feels when encountering something familiar and homey.  I knew we were in for a lovely experience.

One of the things I love most about Antonio’s is how it is decorated like an ancestral home.  The local antique furniture and the family pictures that dot the walls of the foyer are both a beautiful and welcoming sight. Personally, I love looking at family photographs.  I think it is fascinating to see the bond between family members and the stories these pictures tell.  It also gives visitors a quick snapshot of the personalities behind the owners of the restaurant.

The main dining room is, again, like dining in someone’s home rather than in a restaurant.  The set up feels casual and relaxed, but somehow has an air of formality as well which I kind of like :).

I love how they decorated this expansion area as well.  So minimal and tasteful.

These tiles are my favorite design element!  I actually wanted to have similar ones installed in my home.  Sadly, they are outdoor tiles and were too thick to use as flooring in my apartment :(.

On to the food…

Antonio’s has a 4-course menu.  All you need to do is order your main, and the meal already comes with a salad, soup, and dessert.  Coffee or tea is served as well.  Not bad, right?  In fact, I’m not used to eating this many courses so when the soup was served, I was already getting full!  Hahaha!

As usual, everything was superb :)!  The salad had fresh arugula leaves and a lovely raspberry dressing.  They did not skimp on the dried fruits and nuts, which I love!  Every bite of my salad was perfect!

The soup, although slightly salty, was creamy, tasty, and the right complement to the sweetness of the raspberry dressing.  Seafood bisque is really one of my favorites, so I always have high expectations of this kind of soup.  I’m glad that the Antonio’s version delivered :).

For our mains, the H and I decided to go surf and turf.  He had the steak, while I had the shrimp and scallop thermidore :).  I actually liked my dish more than the H’s more so because I’m not a fan of steak that’s cooked medium.  While it was very soft, it also felt a bit mooshy in my mouth, which I found a bit strange.

On the other hand, my shrimp and scallops were really yummy!  The scallops were soft and very fresh!  The sauce was also very flavorful–I could taste the hint of white wine :).  I practically scraped it all off and cleaned my plate–hahaha!

Dessert, ofcourse, was my favorite part of the meal :).  The H and I shared the panna cotta sampler, and a chocolate souffle with cardamom sauce.  Both desserts were excellent!  The panna cotta was light and creamy, the souffle rich and moist.  If I probably didn’t just come off my diet, I probably would have had more of the souffle.  Hahaha!  As it was, I could feel myself gaining back the pounds with every bite I took :(.  Hahaha, exaaaagggg!!!

I super, super enjoyed our small intimate dinner at Antonio’s.  It had all the ingredients of a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration–a delicious meal set in the most beautiful ambience, with my two most favorite people in the world–H and A.  I am truly blessed :).




One response to “Celebrating Mother’s Day

  1. I’m salivating and ready to pack my bags! Thank you for all you brought to this post: my favorite things: food, travel, family… and I love the detail that you wanted to put outdoor tile inside your house… a woman after my own heart!

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