Finally, PF Chang’s!

It is very rare that the H and I find ourselves in the southern part of the metro. I’m quite traumatized from the traffic caused by never-ending road repair on SLEX, so I only make the trip there for special occasions :).

In yesterday’s case, I was dying to visit the Bungalow 3oo showroom in Alabang. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand, they basically sell beautifully restored furniture, as well as other home items and accessories.  I am a huuuuuge fan of their throw pillows and placemats, and have bought several pieces as gifts, and for myself :).  More on that in my next post :).

So since my plans to visit Bungalow 300 have always managed to get postponed, the H promised me last week that we would definitely make the time this weekend.  And since we were already in the neighborhood, we also decided to have lunch at PF Chang’s.

I’ve not eaten at PF Chang’s in ages!  To be honest, I was quite curious to see if the menu still had my old favorites :).  And they did!  Of my “usuals”, I was really craving for the chicken lettuce wraps, and I was glad that when I finally got to eat it, that it did not disappoint :).

The H and I also ordered some fried rice, Mandarin Beef, and Shrimp with Candied Walnuts.  For the little one we got an extra cup of egg drop soup.

All in all, the food was quite good, and the servings very generous :).  Our waiter told us that each order was good for three to four persons–I think he meant five to six (unless the H and I really just have small appetites–hahaha!).

The prices were a bit steep, though, especially for a non-fine dining type of restaurant.  However,  I liked that the service was quick, that the waitstaff were courteous, helpful, and knew their dishes well.

The interiors were also okay–it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the US branches–but I found the space to be a bit cramped.  Thank goodness the restaurant wasn’t too crowded during the time we were there.  Otherwise, I think we would have really felt the “smallness” of the space.

The verdict?  PF Chang’s in Alabang is a good alternative to your usual Chinese restaurants.  Their fare is less traditional, more fusion, but the flavors and portion sizes are good, and will satisfy :).  I don’t think I’ll go out of my way for another visit–but luckily, they will be opening a branch in my neighborhood soon, should a craving ever arise :)!


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