Getting Crafty

Am I excited, or am I excited?  I just read about the collaboration between Todd Oldham and Target for an exclusive arts and crafts collection! I am beyond thrilled that I will be in the US when it is made available in stores on May 20th.  Woohoo!  Hoarding time!  Hahaha!

The 50-piece collection is based on Todd Oldham’s best-selling book, Kid Made Modern, wherein it is said that he “created a mini revolution in the world of arts and crafts.”  Through this book, he wanted to inspire kids to become more creative and let their imaginations run wild by introducing 52 easy-to-do projects inspired by the works of influential mid-century artists such as Marimekko, Ray Eames and Alexander Calder.  All the projects can be done at home, and are meant to be enjoyed with the child’s parents or friends.  They provide very hands-on experiences, using a combination of easy-to-find household items and store-bought crafting materials.

Through this collaboration with Target, Oldham extends his influence in inspiring creativity by making available various art supplies and kits for any and every creative soul—young and old alike.

The products are beautifully made, and each individually tested by Oldham himself.  They are packaged in recyclable boxes, and are priced quite affordably—each item costs less than $20!

I really cannot wait to get my hands on some of these art supplies not just for myself but for A too :).  Here are my favorites:

Can you believe these beauties are actually crayons?!?  I just loooove the bright colors!

Aren’t these space stone jewels the best? I am stocking these for A for when she gets older :).

I am totally digging these whimsical design duct tapes!  I can already imagine using them in my gift wrapping!  Sigh!

I thought these were really interesting–crayon discs!  I like how each disc has a mixture of two or more colors!

This crazy crayon is perfect for A’s little hands!

These colored pencils are for moi!  I adore the not-your-usual colors! 🙂

This paint-with-numbers set totally takes me back to my childhood!  I want one!

Uh oh.  Looking at this wishlist, it looks like the H and I are gonna have to lug some balikbayan boxes home! 😛

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One response to “Getting Crafty

  1. Oooooh, hadn’t heard about this! Thanks, will be sure to mark this on my calendar! 🙂

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