The Weekend That Was

We officially kicked off the summer with a trip to Bataan for our company outing.  We could not have chosen the hottest day to do it!  Hahaha!

Incidentally, my dad’s farm is in Bataan too, so it was the perfect opportunity to go and visit.

Here are pictures of our trip 🙂

Road trip!!!

I really love how this landscape looked.  The Philippine countryside is really beautiful.

A hazy view of the top of Mt. Samat.

We finally reached our destination…

A and Mommy were so happy!!!  The long car ride was starting to drive us crazy!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any photos during the company outing.  It was sooooooo hot, I couldn’t even will myself to move from my chair in the lounge area! 😦

These are the fabulous views from Dad’s farm in Bagac.  Unobstructed and panoramic–it can’t get any better than that!!!

Dad has a lot of coconut trees and lagundi in his farm :).  The flat and level parts of the land are used as a camping site.

One of Dad’s first projects was to build this footpath along the stream.  The stream is a bit dried up now, but during the rainy season, it is flowing, serene, very pretty to see and walk alongside.

You’ll notice, I wasn’t exactly prepared to make this trek.  Haha!

Walking the plank!!!

More of nature along the footpath :).  It was a lovely walk, and surprisingly not hot at all because of all the foliage surrounding and shading us :).

Dad’s man-made tilapia pond, and the future site of a possible picnic area :).  The view and the shade make it very conducive for outdoor dining :).

This is the foreman’s cottage.  Looking at it got me to thinking, “I can totally live here!”  Honestly, just give me a cushion for a bed, an electric fan, a simple but clean bathroom with water, and wifi–I’m totally set!

Rural life has its draws.  I especially love how simple and peaceful it is, especially in this farm.

I can’t wait for all of Dad’s dreams for this place to become a reality :).

Hope you had a weekend that was as lovely as ours :).


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