A’s Artwork

At one year and seven months, this is the kind of artwork that A has been making recently :).

First, she started making scribbles with markers.

Then she started making sticker collages.

Today she decided to do some mixed media :).

I am both proud and happy that A has taken an early interest in art :).

Not only does art encourage her to become more creative, but it develops a lot of her skills as well–small motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial recognition, etc. etc.

It’s also a fun way for her to learn colors and shapes!

For all you mommies out there, this is definitely a simple and fun bonding activity to do with your tots on a Saturday morning.

Have an amazing weekend!


One response to “A’s Artwork

  1. Love this post, Mia! And love A’s artwork. It looks like she is taking after her Mom. šŸ˜‰ …I am an artist-wanna-be. Hahaha… and I would just LOVE for Elise to appreciate art as much as I do. I am thrilled when she notices and remarks at our wall art. We have a notebook for her too and I save whatever scribbles and doodles she makes on loose paper. Heeheehee. I got her something like the stickers A has but they are in primary colors. Where did you get these bright colored ones? Love them! Way to go, A!

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