Just wanted to share the outtakes of our fun and fab Working Mom shoot 🙂

I love how cozy our bed looks! I just wanted to jump right in!

The book was a generous gift from my friend, O--Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux. It has such visually inspiring ideas for the home. Get a copy now! 🙂

My lovely bedside vignette. The painting is by Antonio, the Matryoshka Doll and wooden jewelry container are souvenirs from Russia and Poland.

A's room so pretty in Dwell Studio linens and accessories :).

The Little Miss getting directions from Tita Leah :).

Posing, posing :). It was such a relief that A was so comfortable in front of the camera!

A can't decide which book she wants to read! 🙂 Thanks, Ninang K for her outfit! 🙂

Tito O is keeping a close eye on the shoot :).

So many makeup brushes! And a peek at Dwell Studio's latest pillow collection designs. Drool!

Me and the little one (and our naked bed! Whoops!). Pagod na sa kaka-pose 🙂

The amazing team behind the shoot!

This was truly an unforgettable experience :)!


One response to “Outtakes

  1. Thank you for this Leah! We definitely had a blast!

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