Easter Sunday

Snippets of the little one’s first “official” Easter Sunday 🙂


4 responses to “Easter Sunday

  1. Looks like a happy and blessed Easter. 🙂 Did A have fun during her first Easter egg hunt? 🙂 Looking forward to that for E next year. This year we just gave her a basket with eggs to play with at the park. I didn’t have time to color them though as I’d planned! :-(. She didn’t seem to care and liked her usual hard boiled eggs. She started peeling and eating one. 🙂 I really was tempted to fill the basket with chocolate eggs but she is loving chocolate A LOT after her first taste care of Lola, so R and I are being careful. Kawawa naman at deprived daw according to the grandparents. LOL.

    • The nice thing about this age is that everything fascinates them–haha! But yes, A did enjoy her first easter egg hunt, although lost interest after finding her fourth egg :p Naku, she looooooves chocolate too! Nice thing about it is because she’s so tiny, the doctor totally supports giving her chocolate para naman daw she can gain weight. Haha! But we still give it to her as a treat every now and then lang so that she won’t be such a junkie when she gets older. Haha!

  2. P.s. Love the necklace you’re wearing! Here I go again! Is it by a local designer? Looks like a gold tassel necklace. Tama ba? I have a gold tassel necklace I’m looking forward to wearing this spring/summer but I’m intrigued by the additional fringe detail yours seems to have. Share deets! 😀

    • It’s actually Ann Taylor! I got it during my trip to NY last year 🙂 It was a last minute purchase that I am super happy with as it goes with a lot of my clothing, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments also whenever I wear it 🙂

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