Visita Iglesia 2012

I only recall one other time in my life when I did a Visita Iglesia.  I was living in New York and was invited by my friend B to accompany her on this yearly Holy Week tradition.  Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to tag along and experience what this ritual was all about.

And what it is is basically the practice of visiting seven churches on Holy Thursday, and praying the Stations of the Cross at each church.  Recently, however, this tradition has been slightly modified such that people have the choice of dividing the Stations amongst the seven or fourteen churches they visit.

This year, because we wanted Holy Week to be more meaningful for our family, the H and I decided to go on a road trip to visit the churches in the province of Rizal.  For a while now I’ve been hearing about the beautiful, centuries-old churches in this area, and thought it would be the best time to finally see them for myself.

Friday was the designated day for our Visita Iglesia.  Days before I had already done my research on the churches I wanted to see, and the best route to take. Since we only had half a day to do the visita, I knew we were probably not going to be able to see all the churches on my list, but we would try to accomplish whatever we could in the short time we had.

With the little one in tow, we left our apartment with excitement and anticipation of the mini adventure that lay ahead of us that day. 🙂  Here are the pictures from our wonderful Visita Iglesia experience.  Enjoy! 🙂

1. Church of Cainta

2. Church of Taytay

3. Binangonan Church (Sta. Ursula) – My favorite!!! 🙂

4. Morong Church (San Geronimo)

While our visita only allowed us to visit 4 out of 7 churches, the experience was truly wonderful and inspiring!  I am amazed at the beauty that we witnessed that day, and I really hope that these towns in Rizal will realize what gems they have in these religious historical structures, and preserve them for even more centuries to come.


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