Recollections and Reflections

Holy Week is an excellent opportunity for reflection.  It is probably the only time during the entire year that we, as Christians, are encouraged to make sacrifices, and to reflect on and find meaning in Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been joining the Holy Week Triduum Recollection at the Ateneo.  This year was no exception.  I made it a point to sign both myself and the hubby up for the Triduum retreat, and looked forward to the opportunity it presented to commune with God, and to have a deeper awareness of His presence in my life.  During the entire retreat, the other participants and I contemplated on Christ’s passion, death and resurrection with the help of the priest moderators, seeing and understanding the meaning these events give to our lives.  It was a wonderful time of introspection and conversation with God–something that most of us are otherwise unable to do or find time for because of the busy-ness of our days.

For three days, I listened, I cried, I laughed, I prayed, I shared, I reflected and I realized. In the end, I would like to think that I became a slightly better person, knowing with certainty that I have a desire to deepen my relationship with my Lord, and feeling reassured of his faithfulness to and love for me.

Aside from the chance to ponder and reflect on myself and my relationship with God, I like that the retreat brought me back to my school roots–to the Ateneo. The campus is so much more beautiful now, with many new buildings having been erected since I graduated from College.  It is definitely an ideal place to be quiet and still, to appreciate the beauty of one’s surroundings, while at the same time appreciating blessings received from the Lord.

It was also nice to feel like I was part of a community again, sharing in the experience of worship :).  The ceremonies of the Washing of the Feet, the Veneration of the Cross and the Easter Vigil at the Ateneo were celebrated in a truly wonderful way, and was made even more special because of the crowds that came in droves to pray and praise God together :).

I could not have asked for a more meaningful lenten experience :).  Thank you, Lord :).


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