The Making of a Classic

There is no doubt about it–I’m a bag lady :).  If asked to choose between a designer bag or designer shoes, I would definitely choose the former hands down, and in a heartbeat!

There’s something about a beautifully crafted handbag that makes my heart race and go pitter patter. The feel of supple, luscious leather, and its luxurious smell also always makes me heady with excitement! 🙂

At the risk of sounding a tad shallow, can I just say that I also love how handbags make such a statement!  Every time I am carrying one of my designer bags, I always feel confident and powerful.  Funny how bags can do that to you, huh? 🙂

Of all the bags that I have, my favorites are the iconic ones.  Because of their clean and classic lines, these styles are timeless and will probably last until my daughter is old enough to inherit them.  I love the idea of passing these treasures on to her some day :).  My mom did the same thing with me, and those bags are amongst the ones I truly cherish!

But I also love that precisely because these bags are so classic, I will never tire of using them.  They go with all my outfits, no matter what style or color.  In fact, I’ve given away almost all my non-branded bags (save for a few sentimental favorites) and have streamlined my closet into choice classic pieces.  These I use everyday, and for every occasion.  So I guess you can say I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them!  Hahaha!

Yes, unfortunately, the downside to being a “bag lady” is the amount of monetary investment it involves.  In the beginning, when I first started buying my own bags, I’d really have to save up for it with several of my paychecks.  While I am lucky to be able to afford one now without having to resort to “gives” or installment-paying, I am reassured by the fact that the steep price tag is a reflection of the quality of the materials, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

Speaking of quality and craftsmanship, I recently came across an article that revealed images of how the classic Chanel flap bag is made!  I was very excited to   see these photos for two reasons: first, the Chanel 2.55 was, for the longest time, my ultimate classic bag must-have.  To be able to see the work that goes into making one is not just interesting, but extremely thrilling for me :).  Second, I’m sure it is a very rare opportunity for one to catch a glimpse of what goes on in the work rooms of prestigious fashion houses.   Thanks, however, to the people behind Style Republic who were able to capture images of this previously well-kept trade secret.  For a bag lover like myself, these pictures are magical!!!

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2 responses to “The Making of a Classic

  1. Nice feature! 🙂 I meant to ask if you’d given up bags :-0 when you wrote about collecting children’s books (if I remember correctly…sorry, I’m behind on my comments!). I might do what you’ve done. Been wondering recently if I should just pare down to the designer ones and any other absolute favorites. Having too many bags is beginning to drive me crazy and I’ve realized that it does not allow me to get max use out of my favorites. Was it hard to part with yours? Also, when using a well known or recognizable bag, do you ever worry about being around others using the same bag? Would love more features on your faves! 😀 …E is showing an early love for bags and jewelry/accessories. Helps justify my purchases. Hahaha.

    • OMG, my daughter is exactly the same!!! She has this little bag that she loves to tote around with her, especially lately 🙂 I’m taking this as a sign that she will be a bag lady just like me 🙂 Haha! Actually, it wasn’t really as difficult to part with my other bags as I thought it would be. And definitely, I do get to use my designer bags a lot more often now. I try to get each bag in a different color too so talagang I get to rotate them depending on my outfits. Hahaha! As for using a recognizable bag, thankfully, it hasn’t happened often. I can imagine this would be more of an issue for me if I was still living in NYC 🙂 In Manila, it’s rare, except when I use my LV Speedy. There was a time when almost every other girl was carrying one! Haha! But that’s ok, it’s a classic so I guess it’s to be expected 🙂

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