Okay, I know I might sound a bit obsessed, but I am soooo happy I was able to score some DVF for GapKids dresses for A!!! Woohoo!

Ever since I made the announcement of this major collaboration on my blog, I’ve been waiting with excitement for the pieces to be made available online.

I actually even programmed my iPhone alarm clock so that I wouldn’t forget!  Haha!

And I’m so glad I did :).  I successfully purchased 2 wrap dresses for A, a really cute shift dress, and a tshirt dress–and they were the ones I really wanted!  Not only that, I guess a lot of people had the same idea as me and quickly snapped up a lot of pieces as well–there were some unavailable sizes by the time I logged in already!!!  Thank goodness the ones I had my eye on were still in stock :).

Can’t wait for my loot to be shipped to my sister’s apartment!  Woohoo!!!

I think A will look so cute in these!!!

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3 responses to “Success!!!

  1. YEHEY! Agree with your picks! I have to significantly cut down items in my online shopping cart, but have to act fast ’cause supposedly they’re almost sold out. Was at the store last Friday and the DVF racks / shelves were already looking bare! Is it crazy if I also get items for E for when she’s 5…although I already have a bin for such items here at home! Maybe C can also get you the special DVF/Gap shopping bag at the store. 😉

    • There’s a special DVF/Gap shopping bag?!? I waaaaant! Hahaha! I definitely should tell C to get me one–although she might kill me since I already sent her on a goose chase for one particular dress for A–haha! No, I don’t think it’s crazy to get sizes for E when she’s older. In fact, I should have done that for A, but luckily she’s quite petite so she tends to be able to wear her dresses for a while. Hahaha! Good luck trying to edit your shopping cart! Hahaha!

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