The Weekend that Was

Snippets of my busy but fun weekend 🙂

I was fortunate enough to catch the play version of Carlos Celdran’s Imelda tour with the H and my good friend, M :).  Hilarious, slightly irreverent, and extremely witty, this show gave us a peek into the lives of the Marcoses, specifically Imelda, which was filled with glitz and glamour, but unfortunately had its share of sex, lies and scandal as well.

I thought it was pretty cool that I learned so much about our country’s history, although it made me feel a bit wistful when I saw how beautiful and “untouched” Manila was during those times.

The play was staged at the Silverlens Gallery along Chino Roces extension.  Not surprisingly, Carlos Celdran and his fellow actors played to a packed house.  It was a pleasant mix of expats, normal people (like moi) and Manila’s socialites that were in attendance.

Saturday was mostly a work day for me so I will not bore you anymore with the details.

 Sunday, however, was family bonding day, so the H and I took advantage of the time and the weather to take a trip to the weekend market with the little one 🙂

I personally loooooove Legaspi Market :).  Aside from the yummy food, there are so many interesting things you can find there–from plants to jewelry to arts and crafts items.  It’s a lovely place to browse and find inspiration :).

Another typical weekend activity for my family is grocery shopping.  We usually head over to Rustan’s at Rockwell, and use the opportunity to make pasyal the little one as well.  Here she is trying out the cars at the Activity Center and at the supermarket.  She loved it!

Our Sunday ended with a simple family dinner and a 2-hour massage session prior to bedtime.

How I wish the weekends were always spent like this!  How was your weekend? 🙂


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