The Weekend that Was

I am filing this weekend under “slow and steady” :).

It was a relaxing and lazy one, with no huge plans involved except spending quality time with the family.  Yaya had two days off too, so it was just the H, the little one and me–perfect!!!

The highlight of our Saturday involved lunch with balikbayan relatives at one of our favorite restaurants–People’s Palace.  I really love everything about it–the food, the ambience and the service :).  When the H and I have a serious craving for Thai, this is always our go-to place.  In the gajillion times we’ve been there, seriously, we’ve never walked away disappointed :).

While the H and the parentals were eating through the delicious Thai fare, I was on yaya duty, keeping the little one entertained.  She was particularly fascinated with the fountains in Greenbelt, and enjoyed running around the vast space. Luckily, it was not a very crowded Saturday afternoon, so I could let her explore freely, and not have to hover over her the entire time.

As is typical, Sunday was spent in my parents’ home–my happy place!  My favorite spot, in particular, is their lanai.  It’s a very relaxing area, conducive for catching up with the rest of the fam over cheese and wine, while the kiddos are riding their bikes or running around.  The lanai also looks out into my parents’ garden and pool area, another relaxing place.  The lush foliage and cool blue water give off such a sense of calm, perfect for moments of rest and reflection.

In the afternoon, while the rest of the fam were off watching TV or having their own private conversations, my niece G and I immersed ourselves in a long overdue crafts project using plaster of paris and paint.  Unfortunately, after pouring the plaster mixture into the molds, we had to wait for it to dry.  Will post pictures of the finished product next week!

My little one also did some drawing, and cousin H fed her some puffs while she was at it!  So cute!  These moments are truly precious! 🙂

So these are snippets of my weekend.  Hope you guys had a good one! 🙂


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