I am Loving…

Veejay Floresca’s capsule collection for Mega Magazine’s 20th Anniversary fashion show!

A blurry snapshot of the dress details

I had the privilege of attending the Mega Magazine fashion show recently with my friend L and her husband, C.  While nights out are not really my “thing” anymore, I dragged the H along for an evening of fun, fashion, and adult companionship (mommies and daddies, I think you know what I mean :P).  Haha!

I am not really an expert when it comes to style.  In fact, I tend to have a very safe and classic aesthetic, but I do enjoy seeing what the new trends are, and can appreciate good design.  I am also a fan of runway shows such as Project Runway, so I was very excited to watch the different collections sashay down the catwalk.

Unfortunately, I could not really appreciate any of the looks presented by the designers, so that was a bit of a disappointment for me.  I thought some of them were too edgy, not very wearable, or a bit too trendy for my taste.  I guess it could be my age showing as well.  Hahaha!

The highlight of the show for me was Veejay Floresca’s collection.  Finally, an aesthetic I could relate to, and really loved!!!  Each dress that came down the runway was more beautiful than the next.  L and I were very excited and could not stop gushing about it :).

The dresses

According to Veejay’s blog, he was inspired by the circulatory system–veins, vessels, capillaries and arteries, in particular.  The result, I must say, is one phenomenal collection!!!

Congratulations, Veejay, you certainly made my night :).

Images from here


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