Birthday Blessings {Part 2}

My birthday celebration officially ended with a family dinner at Bistecca in Rockwell.

I loved the restaurant interiors, especially this interesting chandelier made of vintage-looking bottles.  Proof that upcycling can be beautiful :).

The food was also very good!  We ended up ordering a bunch of sides, and two Bistecca steaks to share.  The cauliflower, mushrooms and cheese spaetzle were among my favorites :).  I had to be careful not to eat too much of it to make room for the steak!

The steak was very well seasoned, and I like how they cooked it a bit rare at first, then each of us could get our portion of steak and have it cooked again according to our own preference.  This way, despite the fact that we were sharing the steak, we were able to enjoy it the way we like it :).  It also came with a peppercorn and a mushroom sauce that was very yummy!

But the best part of all was being able to celebrate with the people I love most in the whole wide world–my family (minus little sis, and little bro 😦 *sniff*)

I consider my family to be my most wonderful blessing of all!  I am extremely lucky to have such loving parents, cool siblings (that includes you, SIL and BIL ;)),  the most caring husband, and the sweetest little girl :).

Thank you, Lord, for this precious gift :).


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