Birthday Blessings {Part 1}

I recently just turned a year older :).

While I don’t look forward to it as much as I used to (for obvious reasons–haha!), birthdays have become for me a day of quiet but meaningful celebration…oh and a day of renewing my driver’s license too!  Haha!

Yes, unfortunately, this year was a renewal year :(.  I spent a good part of my day at the LTO office, going through this often-dreaded ritual.  However, I must say that much has changed from the time when I used to have to brave the long lines at the really old East Avenue LTO office.  The satellite office in C-5 Pasig is so much more efficient, the lines are much shorter, and the facilities waaaaaay cleaner :). Thank goodness!

But this post is not really about that :).  It’s about what happened after. Thankfully, there was still time to enjoy a quick but lovely lunch with my two most favorite people in the world–the H and the little one :).

We decided to hit Kenji Tei at Greenbelt 5.

The H and I have been craving ramen recently, so it was really a no-brainer choice :).  There’s nothing like warm soup and noodles to warm the tummy, and fill the belly :).

I really loved the interiors of the restaurant :).  As is the Japanese aesthetic, the lines were clean and minimal–not frou frou nor overly decorated.  The ceiling was the most interesting part of the interiors–with its curved, wavy lines.

The food was also wonderful :).  The Shoyu Ramen I ordered had a very flavorful broth, and the noodles were cooked perfectly al dente.  The H enjoyed his seafood ramen as well–they were very generous with the sahog–but would have preferred a soy-based broth instead.

We also got some salmon sashimi (our usual), and an order of crunchy kani sushi as starters.  We didn’t realize that the servings were quite big–which was a pleasant surprise for us–so we ended up taking half the sushi home.

After our simple yet filling lunch, we decided to take the little one shoe shopping–she loves that!  However, after 2 unsuccessful attempts, we decided to head back home.

It is moments like these, spent with my loves, that truly make my everyday meaningful and worth celebrating.  I am humbled by the many blessings I have received in my life–it is truly a wonderful one :).  Thank you, Lord :).


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