Celebrating Valentine’s Day

I don’t remember the last time I went all out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Call me a bit jaded, but I think Valentine’s is actually kinda cheesy.  Or maybe it’s age? Hahaha!

I didn’t always feel like this, though.  Once upon a time (read: during my college days), I used to majorly plan for Valentine’s dates, and would go through great lengths to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for my (ex) boyfriend.  Often times, I would even make something like a pop-up card, or a hand-stitched pillow–something DIY–to add to the romance of the occasion.

Now that I’m much older and married, I tend to treat Valentine’s with less fanfare, and more practicality.  Sometimes, the H and I just go out for a quiet dinner, or watch a movie.  Especially with the traffic, it makes much more sense to do something closer to home.

So how are we celebrating this year?  I don’t really know yet, but here is an idea of how I’d like to spend it…

…an intimate dinner with some of the H’s and my closest friends, preferably near the water (or why not by the Golden Gate Bridge, while we’re at it? :)), with good food, and an unlimited amount of wine (yes, I do drink sometimes :)), great conversation and lots of laughter to last the entire evening!


Photo via ohhappyday.com


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