Jason Wu x Target

Get ready, ladies!  A new designer collaboration is set to hit our favorite bullseye store…Jason Wu for Target!

Here’s a sneak peek of his upcoming collection:

Mellow Yellow

Prim and Proper

Romantic School Girl

Naughty-cal and Nice

Don’t they look so pretty and feminine?  If charm is not your thing, I think these pieces can be easily made edgy when paired with a motorcycle jacket or some metal accessories–that’s how versatile they are!

Clothes aren’t just the only items that fashionistas can look forward to in this collection.  There are also a selection of bags, scarves and outerwear (read: coats and sweaters) to choose from :).

Boy oh boy, I can’t wait for these lovelies to be available!  Word on the net is that the collection will drop on February 5th both in store and online!  That’s like, in a couple of days!!!  Woohoo!  My credit card is ready to do some damage!!! 🙂

Images via: Glamour, madamenoire, dopefiles, fashion.elle.com


One response to “Jason Wu x Target

  1. Very pretty. I want.

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