The Newborn Baby Gift Guide {Feeding Essentials}

Thought I’d post another Newborn Baby Gift Guide :).  Today’s essentials will focus on feeding.

Because feeding is one of the most important things that a newborn baby does, it’s crucial for mommy to be equipped with the right tools.  Whether a baby is breastfed, mixed fed or bottle fed, there are certain essentials that every newborn baby cannot do without.

I breastfed A exclusively for 2 months.  While it was quite a traumatic and painful experience for me, I tried to do it for as long as I could because I knew that my milk would be the best nutrition for A.  It was also a way of bonding with her that I truly cherished.

I remember that one of the things that helped me the most when I was breast feeding was my nursing pillow.  I used the brand Boppy, because it was the one I was most familiar with.  It really helped me to hold A firmly, and it kept her lying down in a comfortable spot while I was feeding her.  It also helped me from developing achy arms because it provided my arms support and a place to rest during the entire duration of the feed.  The only thing about the Boppy is that you have to be sitting down while you’re using it.  There are other brands like My Breast Friend that have a strap attached to it so that you can also nurse with support and convenience while standing up.

On A’s second month, my entire family was scheduled to go on a cruise in Europe.  While I was devastated to be away from A for so long, I was determined to keep my milk supply strong so that I could return to breastfeeding her when I got back.  Even though I knew it would be difficult and it would take a lot of commitment, I decided to pump my milk for the entire duration of the trip.  Hence, my breast pump, became my best friend :).

If you are a mobile mom, like me, it makes a lot of sense to get the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.  It is very convenient because you can pump hands free.  It also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t even need to be plugged in  during the entire session.  This was particularly useful for me when we’d be on a bus and it would be time to express my milk.  I could discreetly hide the breast pump behind a scarf or my jacket and express away!

Unfortunately for me, when I got back home, A no longer wanted to latch on :(.  After trying for two weeks, I eventually gave up and decided to spare myself (and A included!) from the frustration.  I continued to pump my breastmilk, although A no longer got it directly from me, but from the bottle :(.

It’s a good thing that prior to my leaving on the trip, because I knew I was not going to be physically present to breastfeed A, I had already begun my search for the perfect baby bottle.  Unfortunately, there are a gajillion and one different types of bottles to choose from nowadays, so I pretty much narrowed my choice down to the ones that reduced the incidence of colic, was similar in shape or feel as the mother’s breast and nipple (which, according to my readings, makes it easier for the baby to transition), and one that A actually took to.  We ended up choosing Tommee Tippee.

Tommee Tippee is a multi-awarded brand of feeding, changing and playtime products.  Their bottles are designed to closely mimic natural breast feeding.  This was the actual draw for me and what convinced me to try these bottles out.  It not only features an anti-colic valve on the nipple that helps to decrease the build up of air and vacuum inside the bottle, but the nipple itself claimed to flex and stretch much like a mother’s actual breast.

I heaved such a sigh of relief when A took to it right away, so I had no problems with that :).

Being a particularly OC and praning first-time mom, I was very conscientious about sterilizing all of A’s feeding stuff.  We were gifted with an Avent sterilizer, which was not only compact, but extremely easy to use.  This is one of those essentials that is practical and basic to newborn babies.

Ofcourse, after sterilizing, you’ll need a drying rack to hold the bottles and other feeding items until their next use.  While we chose a basic, functional white one from Dr. Brown’s, there are so many more stylish and modern-looking ones that are now being sold in the market.  My favorite is the Lawn Countertop Drying Rack by Boon.  The design is super cute, and it is compact enough not to take up so much space.  If you live in a teeny tiny apartment like we do, space is a luxury so best to choose items for baby that take up the littlest room–if at all possible!  Hahaha!

When feeding babies, it’s also necessary to have bib and burp cloths at hand.  I stocked up on bibs from Carter’s for Target.  There are many other cute brands to choose from but by far, my favorites are the Dwell Studio’s Bib and Burp sets! During her baptism, A’s Ninang M gifted her with the Gio Lemon set.  It matched her hooded towel and stroller blanket perfectly!!!  So cute!

As an alternative to burp cloths, many moms also choose to use white cloth diapers.  This is another staple that I definitely cannot do without! I use it as an alternative towel for A, for wiping her snot, as a burp cloth, to wipe her sweat, as a blankie, etc. etc.  It is a practical gift that babies will use not only everyday, but even well into their toddler years! 🙂  If you are planning to give these as a gift, you can have them personalized or monogrammed with the baby’s name or initials as well!  It doesn’t cost much, but it adds a load of charm and elegance to the diapers :).

So there you have it, my list of feeding essentials!  Do you have any other ideas that I’ve left of my list?  Please do share!!!

1. Dwell Studio for Target Tulip Boppy

2. Lawn Drying Rack by Boon

3. Tommee Tippee Bottles

4. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

5. Dwell Studio Gio Lemon Bib and Burp Set

6. Avent Sterilizer


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