I am Loving…

Hand-written Stamps!

Image via antiquariadesignstudio.bigcartel.com

Image via lettergirl on Etsy

Image via Primele

Image via clairebock.blogspot.com

Image via antiquariadesignstudio.bigcartel.com

These stamps are so elegant and beautiful in all their swirly glory!  I.WANT.ONE!!!

Unfortunately, writing by hand is a dying art :(.  I will rue the day when hand-written letters and cards are no longer being sent, and instead are replaced by computer or machine generated ones.

There is something so warm and personal about someone’s penmanship, and knowing that time was taken to write down and compose words.  In this day and age, however, our fast-paced lifestyles make it almost imperative that we switch to more efficient ways of communication.  Sad :(.

I myself have not totally surrendered to technology, and still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way such as writing my schedule and appointments in a planner, writing out Christmas cards (and sending via snail mail!), jotting down all my notes in a notebook, and even doing my own calligraphy for party invitations!

These stamps are a good go-between, however :).  Not only are they less time-consuming than actually having to hand write information one at a time, they also still give a touch of personalization and charm :).

I am totally loving these stamps!  Should I “gift” myself with one for my birthday?  Tempting!


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