Proud Mama

My daughter is 16 months old.

How time flies, huh?

I remember her birth very vividly–the pain of each contraction, how I was sweating bullets and almost cursing because the air conditioning at the birthing room of Makati Med broke down and all I wanted was my epidural, how I pushed with all my might but had no idea if A was coming out or not, and when she was finally laid on my chest and I heard her first cry…*sigh*

It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought her home all bundled and snug in her blankie, and yet oddly, it also seems like it’s taken the H and I YEARS to reach this point where our little A is truly thriving and (almost) independent.

And what a journey it has been!  From the sleepless nights to the yaya dramas, from the pain of breastfeeding to the doubts over whether we were doing anything right–all I can say is, I am pooped!  Hahaha!

Seriously, however, despite the challenges of parenting, the H and I feel very blessed and proud that A has grown to be a happy, healthy and smart baby!

In fact, A is quite the talker–much like her mama!  To date, she already has about 85 words in her repertoire.  Not too shabby for a 16-month old, huh?  Her first word at 5 months was “cuckoo” although she pronounced it more like, “kaka”–thanks to lolo and lola’s cuckoo clock.  Pretty sophisticated, right?  Since then, I’ve been amazed at how quickly she picks up new words and sounds, and how she just chatters away endlessly at all times of the day.

What I’m most proud of, however, is that among A’s first words are the words “opo“, “please” and “thank you”.  She also knows how to say “borrow” before she wants to use or get something, and does not just grab stuff from other children.  My heart really bursts with pride when other parents compliment how well-behaved and “mabait” A is for her age :).

I really think it is the responsibility of each and every parent to inculcate good manners and behavior in their children.  Discipline is a difficult and dirty job, but it is something the H and I take very seriously.  You won’t believe how many parents pass this role off to their child’s teachers or their yayas.  In our household, we do not allow anyone to take over this duty, and we make sure that we always support each other in the way we correct or reprimand our child.

At the same time, disciplining also goes hand in hand with teaching children respect, kindness, empathy and compassion.  This, in particular, is a very big deal to me, as I have been witness to many children who are raised with a severe lack of basic manners, and who do not have a clue as to how to treat others with decency.  The H and I have made such a conscious effort that A will never be accused of such behavior, and it looks like our efforts have started to pay off :).

Every time I see my little one give her yayas a big hug, or when she says “thank you” to her nurse after finishing the night shift, or when she is in Gymboree with other kids and waits for her turn on the different apparatus, I feel not just relief that my daughter is growing to be a “good girl”, but proud knowing that she will carry this behavior with her into adulthood.  These moments are so affirming, and make me feel that despite the challenges of parenthood, I’m not such a bad mom after all–haha! 🙂  My child is happy, loved, healthy, and growing–physically, mentally, and even spiritually!

I am truly a proud mama! 🙂


2 responses to “Proud Mama

  1. Happy to read such happy things about a mom and her baby.

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