Family Holiday Fashion

I have a secret.

I loooooove David and Victoria Beckham and their kids.  I love how they look so naturally and effortlessly well-put together.  I think they look so cool, without trying so hard.  Parang they just rolled out of bed, then ganun na yung itchura nila.



As cheesy as it sounds, their family is my style idol.  Medyo peg ko lang naman sila.  Hahahaha!

While we probably will never hold a candle to the Beckhams, the rule of thumb for my family is to, at the very least, look always polished, cohesive, and coordinated.  Never matchy-matchy.

I usually like planning our outfits along a common color palette.  This is how we dressed up for the holidays:

Christmas Eve in Black and Cream

A Safari-themed Christmas

Pogi and pretty in pink!!! Wahaha!

We went with Purple for New Year's. The little one is dressed in polka dots, ofcourse 🙂

I really enjoyed planning all my family’s outfits for the holidays.  Actually, even during regular days out, I try to do the same thing as well.  I am lucky I have a husband who enjoys getting dressed, and who appreciates looking good as much as I do–as long as I don’t go too overboard.  Hahahaha!

How about you guys, how did you dress up for the holidays? 🙂



2 responses to “Family Holiday Fashion

  1. oh my –and i thought i was nuts planning my family’s holiday attire for years! =p maja

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