10a Alabama

Tucked away in a quiet nondescript street in Quezon City, is a gem waiting to be discovered.  It is an artist’s haven–a place where creativity and ingenuity thrive.  I am talking about 10a Alabama in New Manila.  If you’ve not had a chance to pass by, it is definitely a place that’s worth a visit–especially if you are into art and handcrafted things.  I myself finally found the time to make my way over this weekend (after hearing so much about it from my artist friends), and one thing’s for sure–I will be back!

On a regular day, 10a Alabama is a converted ancestral home that accommodates the Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery, startART, RAW and Hausbesetzer Laboratory.

Resurrection gives salvaged furniture and other materials a new lease on life by restoring them into something that is not just useful, but also reflective of their signature whimsical look.  Aside from furniture, they also sell home accessories as well as some “jewelry” items made out of scrap cloth!  Their works are on display throughout the house, for people to check out or purchase.

Hausbesetzer Laboratory on the other hand, is the onsite teahouse, run by the same peeps behind the hugely popular Van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant in Maginhawa Street.  Usually, they sell pastas, sandwiches, desserts, and ofcourse, different kinds of tea, but on that particular day, the teahouse was not operational.

Loving the pencil sketches on the wall.  It really helped to make the room feel like an old-school laboratory 🙂

Don’t you just love how quirky it looks?

Last Saturday, the day the H, A, and I popped by for a visit, 10a Alabama was hosting a special arts and crafts fair.

Several creative purveyors of art and hand-made items were there to sell their wares, as well as to interact with interested buyers.  I felt very at ease and at home in this atmosphere–the vibe was very relaxed.  The artists were very eager to talk about their work, and you could definitely sense their passion for their craft.  It’s also nice because all the vendors seem to know each other.  There is a strong feeling of community, united by a common love for artisanship.

There were so many interesting things to buy–if only I could!  But because I am practically finished with my Christmas shopping, I decided to just photograph the suppliers I liked the most and post them on my blog for people to see.  Hopefully, if I can help draw more buyers to them, or at least help raise interest in their work, then I would have done a really good thing :).

Aren’t these Kokeshi Dolls the cutest?  This vendor is called Poto Toys.  Poto is short for Positive Toys.  They’re basically do-it-yourself kits that teach children different skills such as sewing, building, painting, and putting things together.  Not only does it bring hours of fun to your child, but they get to develop their creativity and fine motor skills in the process.  Isn’t that a great alternative to your usual, run-of-the-mill character toys?  It’s a plus that it makes use of  materials that are natural, and non-toxic, and therefore safe for the kiddos.  

These adorable footwear for babies are all hand sewn by Beverly of Stitchesss.

Sew cute!  Hahahaha!

I had to exercise extreme will power so I wouldn’t succumb to buying these beautiful throw pillow covers by Estela.

I wish I could say that I did the same with these kaftans.  Unfortunately, I could not resist getting one for myself.  Aren’t those fabrics gorge?

I died when I saw the woodblock print on this lumbar pillow!  Beautiful!  And the pouf looked so comfy to sit on too!

There was an exhibit and sale of these mirrors made by some of the artists in collaboration with Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.  The proceeds coming from the sale would go to funding an art workshop series for the children from the depressed area in the neighborhood.  Art for a cause!  Don’t you just love it?  Incidentally, can you spot the H and A in one of the mirrors? 🙂

Everything on this table was lovingly hand-stitched by Jack of i.am.handmade. It’s her way of upcycling scrap materials and making them useful.  I particularly thought her dolls and quilts were beautiful :).

I love these pen and ink drawings by Ginny Alcaide!  They were scattered throughout the entire space.  I am totally thinking of having another portrait for A done 🙂  Please excuse the blurry photos–they totally do not give justice to her work :(.

This was probably my most favorite display!  I love how the artist used this old, vintage oven as a space to show off his work.  I totally think that aside from having a good product, the way you present it is key!

Washi Tape Wonderland! These Japanese tapes are sooooo cute!  I am loving the prints and colors!  So happy!

I am a huuuuge wrapping paper junkie!  In fact, I have a growing collection of various designs at home.  I get such a high when I see really nice prints or patterns.  These are not just unique, but totally quirky and crafty!  The prints are carved by the artist then stamped onto kraft paper–talk about labor of love!  These are not only great for personal use, but great as a gift idea as well!

We had such a great time at 10a Alabama!  It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday afternoon.  I just love being in the midst of so much creativity as I am a frustrated artist as well.  You know what they say–“those who cannot do, teach”.  In my case, since I cannot do, I buy.  Bwahahaha!

But definitely, it got my creative juices flowing, and it has inspired me to finally get started on all those art projects I’ve been putting aside.  Hope you guys stay posted to this blog as I jump start this journey back to my first love–art 🙂


4 responses to “10a Alabama

  1. Hi! How much are the kaftans? I want to get one too! This is near my house lang so will be sure to visit 🙂 Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks for reading my blogpost 🙂 The kaftans were on sale and if I’m not mistaken, I got mine for around Php1200 or Php1400. Unfortunately, the arts and crafts fair was only during the weekend of the 10th. You can, however, still browse the stuff from Estela through their website. It’s estelashop.com. Good luck, and happy shopping!

  2. very cute blog Mia! 🙂 looove the kaftans! 🙂

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