Starting early with my gift wrapping this year totally did not get me anywhere :(. Hahaha!  As expected, life happened, and now I am scrambling to wrap the remainder of my presents with just 14 days to go till Christmas.  Haaaay!  Talk about photo finish!  *Sigh*

Anyway, as promised in my previous post, I just wanted to share with you how my efforts at eco-wrapping turned out.  As you will see, I used 3 different kinds–the fuschia and silver one are store bought, while the printed one is from old magazines.  I  usually like my wrapper to coordinate, and not all be the same.  It makes the effect look much more impactful, especially when I bundle the gifts together.

For some reason, I like experimenting with colors that are not in the usual holiday palette.  This year, I opted for a “Sex In the City” theme–hence, the fuschia, black and silver color scheme.

Watcha guys think of the gift tags? 🙂  I just took one of our family photos, photoshopped it a little and had them printed!  Instant personalization!

Now if only I can hit the slow mo button so that the next couple of days allow me to do some catching up!


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