Early Morning Happy


I hate it when something that makes me so happy makes me feel so guilty at the same time :(.

This morning, as I was checking my Facebook account, I got an alert from Stylecaster that stocks of Missoni items were recently replenished at Target stores and Target online.  During the launch of this collection a couple of months ago, while I valiantly tried to compete with the gajillions of web shoppers, I unfortunately just ended up with a knit tunic top for the little one.  Medyo epic fail ang efforts ko :(.

This time around, I decided to browse through the Target website to see if the items that I originally wanted were already available.  The point was to just “check and see”, but what really happened was I “chose and bought”! Haha! *Sigh*

And while I feel a slight twinge of buyer’s remorse,  I really can’t deny how ridiculously thrilled I am with my loot as well :).  Haha!

So here they are…my early morning happy… 🙂


I bought the entire crib set for A!  I couldn’t resist!

Missoni Exploded Floral Crib Collection via target.com

This is what I got for moi 🙂

Missoni silk scarf via target.com

Can’t wait for little bro to bring these home!  In two weeks my purchases will be here!  Woohoo!


3 responses to “Early Morning Happy

  1. EXCITING! LOVE it when you ultimately find something you thought you’d never find. I’m a serious stalker shopper myself (not necessarily proud of that), so I can completely relate! I’d given up on Target, so have just been “watching” things on eBay. How cool that you found the scarf! Happens to be on my list. And hats off to you because it’s not even on the site anymore. SCORE! 😀

    • Woohoo! Really? I always like to think that when I’m successful at scoring something, it’s totally meant for me–hahaha! I’ve been soooo naughty with my online shopping lately, I really must ask my husband to hide my credit cards until January next year! Hahaha! But yes, I’m so excited to receive my items 🙂 I just got the notification from Target that they are on their way! Woot, woot! 🙂

  2. Gave in and got the scarf on eBay (same price as Target’s – I refuse to buy if price is jacked up!). IT’S BEAUTIFUL! THE COLORS ARE STUNNING. Its more beautiful than pictured. Even DD E stopped in her tracks to admire the scarf which happened to be hanging on my closet door. Hahaha. I guess she’ll be happy when I pass it on to her. You’re going to LOVE it!

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