Just Another Day at the Office

Unlike any of my previous posts, this blog entry will be a bit on the showbiz side.  Please indulge and allow me this moment—haha!  Those of you who know me know that I tend to get quite starstruck when in the presence of people I have great admiration for.

A wonderful perk of my job is that I get to meet a lot of interesting, creative and sometimes famous people who are considered “movers and shakers” in their respective fields.  So when Chris Tiu dropped by our office last week, I thought this was an experience worth blogging about :)!

A photo op with Chris and my team

For those of you who are not familiar with him, Chris is a star athlete (he used to be captain of the Ateneo UAAP basketball team and the national Smart Gilas team), a TV host, and an entrepreneur :).  I am sure there are lots more on his list of credentials—which are what make him quite special and our company truly lucky to have him join “the family” and endorse one of my favorite products—OraCare Mouthrinse!

In this day and age when values are so easily compromised and being “bad” is actually perceived as good, it is so refreshing to meet someone like Chris who is very responsible, driven, and professional (not to mention easy on the eyes as well :)) despite his young age.  He is a role model to many children, respected by his peers, and admired by people of all ages irregardless of gender.  He is smart, charming, confident, and has a sharp business acumen while at the same time having a passion for service (he is currently a councilor at Barangay Urdaneta).  It is precisely for all these reasons mentioned above that we thought he would make a great endorser for OraCare!

OraCare is our no sting, no alcohol mouthrinse brand.  While many people have not yet incorporated gargling into their oral hygiene regimen, let me tell you, brushing your teeth is not enough.  There are many germs that brushing tends to leave behind.  Together with brushing and flossing, gargling mouthwash regularly not only completes the process, but it also keeps your teeth and mouth healthy, and your breath smelling clean and fresh!  Talk about confidence booster! 🙂

OraCare is the first and only mouthwash of it’s kind in the Philippines as it is uniquely made of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, an ingredient that neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth, which is the true source of bad breath (It’s funny how you learn all this technical stuff when you work for a healthcare company—haha!).

While OraCare is perceived to be gentle because it feels like you’re gargling with water, it certainly packs a punch (by the way, it has the toxicity of water so even if you swallow it, it’s very safe)!  Imagine being able to get rid of those nasty strong mouth odors with something that looks so clean and pure?  Ang galing talaga! Even I myself was doubtful, but when I tried it for the first time one night, and had no morning breath the next day, I became a true believer!  No need to hide behind the blankets or cover my mouth anymore! 🙂

Something else you might not know about OraCare is that it has anti-bacterial properties.  Also, its molecules are so tiny, that you can be sure that when you gargle, all the deep crevices in your mouth are covered and cleaned, while its natural flora is maintained.  The best thing of all is that it works, without one having to go through pain!

Other mouthwashes are made of ingredients that offer a temporary fix of masking odor.  Worse, those that are made of alcohol tend to dry the mouth and encourage the breeding of bad bacteria even more.  Also, not only does the stinging sensation of alcohol burn and cause a lot of pain, but it can also leave an unpleasant aftertaste and alter your tastebuds.  Why go through all that when you don’t have to with OraCare?  (Haha!  Hanep sa plugging ba? :))

When we asked Chris about his OraCare experience, this is what he said: “The first thing I noticed was that OraCare Mouthrinse is clear, like water. I enjoy using it because it does not have alcohol and no strong flavor that can sting my mouth. At the same time, it gives me a refreshing feeling afterwards, with no aftertaste. I just keep using it, bringing it around with me in my gym bag.  When I switched to OraCare, I never went back to my old mouthwash brand.”

Chris during the commercial shoot

Woohoo!  I couldn’t have said it better :)!  Thanks for your stamp of approval, Chris!

It was really an exciting day the day Chris came by to visit :P.  He so gamely accommodated all the photo ops and even stayed awhile to make kwento with the team!  So sweet!  It was one of those things that turned my day from regular to extraordinary.  Haaay!  Life is good :).


2 responses to “Just Another Day at the Office

  1. SOLD! Sounds like a better alternative to typical mouthwash. I’ll get this during my next trip to Manila or ask someone to bring as pasalubong. 😀 Where do I find this — at the grocery or pharmacy?

    • Hey Tina! You can get it at both 🙂 And yes, if you don’t like sting in your mouthwash, it’s really a better alternative 🙂 We have a toothpaste version too! You should try it! 🙂

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