Tuesday Happy: A Gift for “A”

Last year was A’s official first Christmas. Unfortunately, it was a time that her Mama was also going through some post-partum depression 😦  Instead of being able to celebrate this tradition properly, I think I was very ill-prepared for it and as a result, our house had really kawawa (read: pitiful) decorations, gift-wrapping was haphazardly done, and I wasn’t very thoughtful with my gifts–especially A’s. I think the only thing I planned well was my family’s coordinating outfits!  Hahaha!

I will forever feel some sort of guilt or wistfulness that I was not able to commemorate this first for A in a more special way.  My only consolation is that since A was only 4 months old during that time, hopefully she will not take it against me (especially when she grows older and sees pictures :o).








I have a confession to make…these pictures are actually fake :(.  I didn’t even get to wrap A’s present so she didn’t have anything to open from Mama and Dada :(.  I know, I know–bad Mama, right? *sigh*

This year is a different story, though :).  I am definitely determined and excited to make up for last year’s Christmas snafu.  The house has been decorated ahead of time (that deserves a post on its own!), the gifts have been bought and are currently being wrapped, the outfits have been planned, and A’s present is almost ready!!!  I’m so excited!

What did I get her?  To be honest, it was a bit difficult to decide what to get our little one.  She has too many clothes, too many toys, lots of books and educational stuff so I didn’t want to get her any of those.  Where does that leave me?  After much thought and consultation with the H, we decided to get her something that she may not appreciate now, but something she hopefully will cherish when she gets older–ART!  Specifically, we had a portrait of her done, and also got her her first sculpture :).

Here’s a sneak peek of the portrait…








Isn’t it too cute?  It’s off to the framers, and I should be getting it soon! I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of the wooden sculpture, but when I finally get it, I’ll definitely make sure to post it on this blog :).

I’ve made no secret about how much I loooooove art and Filipino artists.  In fact, our home is filled with paintings and sculptures.  What can I say?  Not only do they provide me with everyday inspiration, but I’m also very proud of the talent and creativity of Filipinos.  My home is an homage to this.  It goes without saying that I hope A inherits this passion of mine as well :).

Just in case you guys are interested, the artist who did both the portrait and the sculpture is Jomike Tejido.  He is sooooo talented, and extremely easy to work with!  Check out his site for more details, and to see his other work. 🙂

So there you have it, your first look at A’s Christmas present :).  How about you guys, what did you get your little ones?  Please share :).  I’d love to have new ideas for next year :).


4 responses to “Tuesday Happy: A Gift for “A”

  1. Hi Mia! Your blog is so refreshing! There are so many thoughts and ideas I can relate to 🙂 Art is definitely one of the best gifts you can give. In fact, it is also our gift to our boy this Chistmas!

  2. Hi Mia. We got him an Obemio, just a small one, with his famous boy with a viloin. I’m still a newbie collector 🙂

    • How nice, Marj! I remember when my mom got me my first painting by Fatima (she’s the daughter of Belleza)–I totally cried! Haha! That’s how much I appreciated it 🙂 I’m sure your gift will be appreciated as well 🙂

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