Bang For Your Buck

Who doesn’t love multi-way clothing?  Especially in these difficult times, it just makes more sense to buy fashion that not just looks good, but that gives us our money’s worth.  Not only are multi-ways practical because you can wear them many times over, but they also allow you to play around with different looks–all with just one garment!  The only requirement is your creativity (or a manual would be helpful too–haha!) as you twist and turn and find different ways to style your multi-way.

A multi-way is also perfect for travelling (less to pack = more room for shopping!), and usually, it is made of material that is not only wrinkle-free, but figure flattering as well :).

Even though some of these pieces don’t come at cheap prices, if you do the math and divide the price by the number of styles you can create, then it becomes a practical and almost no-brainer choice!

Recently, I came across the DKNY scarf dress on Lucky Magazine online.  Not only is the print bold, bright, and eye-catching, but the fact that you can transform the dress into five different styles, now that’s an offer that is difficult to refuse!

My fascination with this dress prompted me to look into other brands that have multi-way clothing, and this is what I found:

I just love the DKNY cozy!  It comes in so many different delicious colors, and can be wrapped, tied or twisted in twelve different ways!  Pair it with pants, leggings, a skirt or shorts, and you have outfits to keep you going for weeks!  Isn’t that a steal?

Victoria’s Secret has a multi-way that is slightly cheaper than the cozy, and can be turned into five different dress styles.  It can be worn casually as a tube dress paired with sandals, or more formally in an asymmetrical or plunging v-neck style.  Paired with a statement accessory or some bling, it is easy to take this dress from day to night :).

Mossimo for Target has a much more affordable version of this dress.  Priced at $29.99, I wouldn’t even think twice about buying this dress!

I think that among all the multi-ways I found, the Butter by Nadia one is the most versatile.  While it looks very similar to the Victoria’s Secret dress, I was so surprised at how many more ways this particular dress could be wrapped!  I’m sure that if given time, you may be able to even create your own style…the possibilities are infinite!

If Butter by Nadia is the most versatile, American Apparel’s Le Sac is the most trendy.  I think it caters to a much younger age group–I’m not so sure any of these styles would look good on me.  Haha!  Nevertheless, I think this dress is really cute too–if one can get away with wearing it :).

So there you have it–the multi-way dress 🙂  A lot more bang for your hard-earned bucks!

I hope this post starts your weekend off on the right foot!

Have a great one!

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