Fresh Picks from Joe Fresh

I first came across the brand Joe Fresh from Daphne’s blog.  It is a stylish yet affordable clothing and accessories brand for men, women and kids, but what piqued my interest is that it made its humble beginnings in a grocery store of all places, and has now grown into a respected and burgeoning retail giant.

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Joe Fresh has a very similar concept to that of Target’s Go International line, the only difference being that it is an in-house clothing brand, while Target tends to collaborate with known or up and coming designers to design capsule collections for their stores.

What I particularly like about Joe Fresh is that the clothes are understated, yet fashionable; classic, yet on trend.  At first, it reminded me of a more affordable version of Club Monaco–another brand I love, but cannot afford to buy on a regular basis because I find the price point a bit steep. As I read more about Joe Fresh, it was no surprise to learn that the reason it bore so much similarity to Club Monaco was because of the creative force behind the two brands.

At the helm of Joe Fresh is Joseph “Joe” Mimran, who has served as the company’s Creative Director for the past 25 years.  Known for his impeccable taste, discerning eye for fashion, and uncanny insight into emerging trends, Mimran has been instrumental in propelling the brand’s success, and has helped make it appealing to more and more fashion-forward men and women.

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According to Mimran, the notion of ‘fresh’ really influenced the color palette of their offerings.  They wanted everything they sold to look “appetizing” so as to constantly appeal to the fashionable eye.  Versus being into “fast fashion”, their clothing selection is carefully edited to filter out trends, and to make it their own. What results are pieces that are versatile, well-designed, yet “of-the-moment”. Even better, they are affordable and made very accessible.

As I browsed through the Joe Fresh website, I really became enamored by their simple, functional, versatile yet chic collection.  I love even more that tops range from $12 to $79, dresses range from $39 to $69, and jewelry from $14 to $19! So wallet friendly, right?  It’s practically a steal! I don’t have to feel guilty about buying more than one item!

Although based in Canada, I just found out that Joe Fresh first entered American shores just this October, with store openings in Long Island, New Jersey and New York–on Madison and 5th Avenue, no less!  How exciting!  Something to definitely look forward to on my next trip to the Big Apple!

So anyway, just wanted to share with you my “fresh picks” from the Joe Fresh site.  Totally eye candy!  Hope you enjoy it!



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