The Weekend that Was

If there’s anything that gets my juices running, it’s a long weekend that is well spent :).

While the H and I opted for a staycation (versus flying to Hong Kong with the rest of my fam), we decided to make it a very productive one, and take advantage of the fact that a) there would be no traffic in Manila, and b) we had no Sunday family obligations.  That meant finding the perfect balance between R and R, and ticking off items on our to-do list.

On Saturday, I decided to hit the Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell.  There were lots of beautiful and locally-made accessories and clothing on sale, and I managed to score a lovely ring by jewelry designer Kathy Webb.  It’s a red buddha, with yellow beads surrounding it.  I thought it was quite the statement piece, and would be perfect to give any understated outfit, the right pop of whimsy :).  Kathy had many other pieces that were equally beautiful and quirky–it’s too bad I was not able to take any photos of them 😦

Aside from this, I also managed to buy some gifts for my younger cousins, and crossed off more names from my list.  Yehey!!! 🙂

There were so many other things I wanted to buy, honestly, but I really had to restrain myself as I was on a mission to get all my Christmas shopping done and not really shop for myself. Haha!  But I have to say, Filipino designers are truly talented and creative.  The aesthetic level has gone waaaaay up, and I am really proud to see so many new ideas and  young designers cropping up, sharing their wonderful products with the rest of us.  Go Pinoy!!!

I was also finally able to buy my copy of Design* Sponge at National Bookstore! Woohoo! I’ve just browsed through a couple of pages, and already I am in design heaven! Some of the DIY projects look really easy and doable too!  Be still my heart! Haha!  Can’t wait for the next long weekend to try some of them out :).  I am now totally inspired to start decorating my home again :).

Sunday was a more relaxed day for us.  The H and I checked out a bazaar in QC. Unfortunately, we scored nothing there :(.  Since we were in the area, though, we decided to try out Mom and Tina’s Restaurant at the new Regis Center, just outside Ateneo.

I loved the comfy, country atmosphere of the restaurant.  It was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.  I guess the combination of blue gingham and knitted Santa’s really conjures up feelings of warmth and home.  The smell of freshly baked bread wafting throughout the place added to the effect as well :).

When we got back to our apartment, I had just enough time to whip up a batch of chocolate crinkles!  Yupyup, I BAKED!  Haha!  How domesticated of me, right?  And I have to say, for my first try in YEARS, it turned out really, really well!  I’m actually really proud of myself :).  The H is already looking forward to my next batch of cookies–I’m thinking I’ll make some Russian Tea Cookies :).  Butter and confectioner’s sugar is always a winning combination!  Hahaha!

Finally, on Monday, it was another day of shopping, this time at the American Women’s Bazaar.  I guess many people had the same idea because the hall of the World Trade Center was packed!!!

I particularly enjoyed shopping this time around because the H was with me :). Also, I almost always never leave this bazaar empty-handed–this time was no exception.

I got these really pretty jewelry boxes wrapped in chinese silk, some Christmas decor and dish towels for the house, and some educational games for my nephews :).

The American Women’s Bazaar is really a great place to find some unique gifts for your loved ones.  Incidentally, they have 2 bazaars this month, the next one being on November 29, so mark that on your calendars, ladies!!! Unfortunately, that will be the last for the year, or at least before Christmas :).

I forgot to mention that aside from all the shopping I did this weekend, I also found the time to decorate our home, and wrap a lot of our gifts!  At the end of the day, I even managed to squeeze in a 2-hour massage! How’s that for productive? 🙂  As I said, it was really such a wonderful weekend–the kind that makes me feel very happy, accomplished and rested :).  Haaaay!  If only all weekends were like this… 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend as well, Chicas! 🙂


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