Musings of a COO: Love Your Own

This blog entry has a bit of shameless plugging.  I’m writing about one of our products—ASCOF Lagundi.  I really hope that you will read this with an open mind and not think that it is a biased post.  For those of you who know me know that credibility is something that I value and pride myself in.  I wouldn’t write or talk about something that I did not believe in or feel strongly about.

Similarly, our company is not like that either.

We take pains to research about what the market needs, and search for products that can address that need without sacrificing quality or price.  So before we launch a product into the market, it must be something that we would personally use, or perceive to give value to our customers.  If we are not excited by it, then out the window it goes.  It doesn’t make sense for us to go into something, and pour resources into it when it doesn’t stir the passion in us.  For our company, it’s not just about the peso signs.

ASCOF Lagundi is the type of product for those of you who are ready to embrace a greener, organic, and more natural lifestyle.  Essentially, it is a cough remedy made from lagundi leaves, one of the 10 herbal medicines endorsed by the Department of Health.

Why do I believe in ASCOF Lagundi so much, and why do I think it’s such an excellent product?  First of all, it’s the ONLY all-natural lagundi product in the market that makes use of organic leaves, harvested in one of the country’s largest organically-certified farms, LAC (this stands for Leonie Agri Corporation) which is, incidentally, owned by my grandmother.  From harvest to processing, ASCOF utilizes methods and systems that adhere to both the FDA and WHO standards, so you know that you are really buying a product of quality.

Secondly, the ASCOF brand has been in our company for the past 15 years.  In those years, we have made many efforts to study, develop, and improve on the product itself, trying to discover more about the active ingredients and their mode of action.  What we’ve tried to do is to fuse science with what is regarded as a traditional herbal remedy.

What initially turns people off about herbal is that the effects are not usually standardized and are slow to manifest.  Because the main ingredients are plants, the effects are commonly influenced by external conditions such as weather, type of soil, etc. etc.  If the growing conditions of the leaves are different, then when it is made into a concoction of sorts, you can expect the effects to be different as well.  It’s not as reliable as the chemical counterparts that are really scientifically and artificially engineered to have a specific outcome.

ASCOF, however, is different.  Throughout the years, we’ve managed to study the most optimal conditions to growing the leaves, to make sure that we are able to harvest ones that have the best of the good stuff—the active ingredients—that make ASCOF effective in helping to reduce or eliminate cough.  Luckily, because we own the farm where the leaves are grown, we are able to not only research and study the production process of ASCOF carefully, but we can also be very vigilant about quality control.  I don’t think that the other lagundi brands in the market have gone through this process or extent, nor do they have the capability to do so.  In terms of technology we are waaaay more advanced, which only goes to show we have a better product—that is a guarantee :).

Third, because ASCOF is made from 100% natural lagundi leaves, it has no side effects and is safe.  While its effects on pregnant or lactating women have not been studied, research shows that ASCOF Syrup has no adverse effects to the body that can be found in other chemical cough preparations.  As a first line defense against cough, I think ASCOF is a much safer option versus resorting to chemical right away.  Especially if you have a kid like me, at the first sign of a cough, I think I’d have more peace of mind knowing that I’m giving something natural—as natural as water or vegetables–that will not cause harm to my child.  Even though other cough preparations claim to be safe for children, psychologically, I think I’d still prefer to go natural versus chemical first.  It seems like the smarter and more responsible mommy choice to me :).  Only when the cough gets worse or turns into an infection, that’s the only time I’d probably consider turning to a chemical alternative.

Lastly, while ASCOF Lagundi provides mommies an opportunity to protect their family members from cough in a safe and health way, by buying and supporting ASCOF, consumers also help local Lagundi farmers gain access to better lives.

At LAC, the farmers are encouraged to learn entrepreneurial skills and become business partners by supplying the Lagundi leaves for ASCOF. At first, because the farmers were accustomed to a more simple way of life, they were reluctant to move into this business model.  However, through a simulation by LAC Management, the farmers felt encouraged to take on the challenge. Aside from a notable increase in their income, the farmers also learned the value of self-sufficiency and responsibility.  As payment for crops are based on output and is only issued upon quality control clearance, each farmer became more vigilant about quality as well.

Isn’t this a win-win situation?  Not only is ASCOF safer for children and for family members in general, but it also provides one the opportunity to advocate natural, to support local Filipino ingredients, as well as to help uplift lagundi farming communities.  Kinda makes you feel good to support this product, doesn’t it?  And it only confirms what I’ve known all along—dahon is da one!


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  1. I love that last line!

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