Deck the Halls

I think it’s both funny and amazing that the Christmas season in the Philippines starts as early as September.  Once the “ber” months hit, you can definitely count on gift bazaars being scheduled every weekend, Christmas songs being played throughout the mall, and holiday decor popping up not just on store windows, but even on major roads and thoroughfares.

In my mom’s house–the house where I grew up–it is Christmas already!  The tree has been busted out (although it is currently waiting for the team of  “experts” my mom usually hires to do their magic), the reindeers have comfortably found their places on our living room console, and the tableware are now all holiday-themed.

My mom always does a great job of making our house festive and Christmas-y! Growing up, my siblings and I had the best Christmases because my mom always went to town with the decorations.  Even as an adult, and after I moved away from home, I would always look forward to spending the holidays in the house where I grew up, and seeing what theme or motif my mom would have for that particular year.  One year it was all about Christmas balls.  Another, it was a golden Christmas…Just thinking about it brings the widest grin to my face :).  We really created a lot of fun Christmas memories :).

As my little girl is quickly growing, creating new memories with her is something I am looking forward to.  While our tiny box of an apartment does not hold a candle to my parents’ house, turning it into a Christmas wonderland is much easier, now that I’ve found Color It Christmas.

Color It Christmas is a one-stop shop of holiday decors, located on P. Guevarra Street in San Juan.  They have everything from Christmas trees, to garlands, to tabletop decorations.  My mom has been going here for her Christmas stuff for years, although they were previously located on Annapolis Street in Greenhills. Their decors are all so beautiful, and wonderfully put together! Walking into their store, I felt like a kid again, looking forward to the gifts I’d open come Christmas eve.

I’m so excited to start decorating!  I think I’ve decided to maintain my bright red and green motif for this year 🙂  I hope you stay tuned to my blog to see how it turns out!


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